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Jack Griffo- The Thundermans

December 5, 2014

Actorsiter Jack Griffo continues to SOAR. His musical performances are rockin’ his YOUTUBE channel, plus the show THE THUNDERMANS is continuing to entertain us! He’s rockin. Check out his WEBSITE HERE:  And you can follow him on twitter @littlejgriffo . SUPER! Remember, if you want to study acting at the Actorsite, like Jack Griffo, then come […]

Photo of Hailee Steinfeld and Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld

November 25, 2014

Two young Actorsiters are starring in the new movie PITCH PERFECT 2. We LOVED IT when they attended our classes and camps, and they showed a drive to perfection and will to succeed even at a young age. So shout outs to two fantastic young artists, Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld. Brittany offers fantastic advice […]

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Tiffany Espensen

October 20, 2014

Tiffany ROCKS! Her new show KIRBY BUCKETS premieres this week and she takes the time to host our SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV SHOW! THANK YOU TIFFANY! Like this:Like Loading…

A producer’s “2 Cents”

March 25, 2015

A producer speaks; Here is an interesting perspective from the mind of an active producer regarding working with talent. Remember, with kids, the parent is part of the package so even if your child is well-behaved, it’s up to you, the parent to complete the package! I love the section:: “YOU ARE AT AN ON-THE-JOB […]

Coach Jack Turnbull

Hacking those PILOT auditions

March 4, 2015

By COACH JACK TURNBULL from Actorsite Awesome Acting Club There’s a way to HACK the pilots right now for KIDS/TEENS. Even DISNEY and NICK are releasing pilots early—they usually wait until MAY-JUNE to cast their pilots. That’s why so many kids/teens miss out on the DISNEY/NICK pilots because they leave in March or April….NOW is […]

Coach Jack Turnbull

Speak More Clearly—Make More Money #28

February 20, 2015

Here is a link to a YOUTUBE video of a short WARM UP exercise for your LIPS AND TONGUE…TONGUE DETANGLERS! SPEAK MORE CLEARLY—BOOK MORE WORK!   Like this:Like Loading…

Coach Jack Turnbull

Dominate Your Video Auditions

February 5, 2015

Video auditions are IMPORTANT and getting MORE IMPORTANT all the time. Shooting your VIDEO AUDITION: BEFORE YOU TAPE YOUR AUDITION, BE SURE TO PRACTICE YOUR SCENE AT LEAST 50 TIMES OUT LOUD! All of this preparation won’t help if you suck at your acting, so BE SURE TO PRACTICE IT OUT LOUD at least 50 […]

Actorsiter Caitlin Carmichael

Actorsiter Caitlin Carmichael

February 2, 2015

Actorsiter Caitlin Carmichael stars on AGENT CARTER in February! As you know, Caitlin is having a busy career! She’s got a ton of movies coming out this year, plus we remember her from Doc McStuffins, CHOSEN, and Criminal Minds, plus tons of commercials. CONGRATULATIONS CAITLIN! Like this:Like Loading…

Actorsiter Sage Correa

Actorsiter Sage Correa

January 21, 2015

Congratulations to Actorsiter Sage Correa who just finished filming the new film starring Halle Berry called KIDNAP. Such a fantastic role, playing her son! Like this:Like Loading…

Actorsiter Ethan Lee

Actorsiter Ethan Lee

January 21, 2015

Actorsiter Ethan Lee joins Actorsiter Amandla Stenberg in the new comedy called MR. ROBINSON airing on NBC NETWORK. EXCELENTE, ETHAN! We loved you in the MORTAL KOMBAT Movie…great martial arts moves! Like this:Like Loading…

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Actorsiter Amandla Stenberg

January 21, 2015

Actorsiter Amandla Stenberg is starring in the new series opposite Comedian Craig Robinson in the new sitcom “MR. ROBINSON” to air on the NBC NETWORK….KEEP ROCKIN’ AMANDLA! We loved you as RUE in the first HUNGER GAMES movie….too bad they killed you off…I cried! Like this:Like Loading…

Kids Scene

January 12, 2015


Ashley Fuss on CSI!

Ashley Fuss—CSI

December 30, 2014

A huge shout out to Ashley Fuss, guest starring on CSI this last week. She’s been busy since her studies at the Actorsite, with guest roles on shows like THE MIDDLE on ABC, THE FOSTERS on ABC FAMILY, LAB RATS on DISNEY XD, CRIMINAL MINDS, and dozens of other shows! She’s rockin’ out. Watch her […]

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