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Memorial Day Special For Summer Training
Dear Readers,
Parents always ask me questions like “How long do we have to study before we find success?”.
That’s definitely a parent question, because succeful actors know you “PRACTICE YOUR CRAFT FOR A LIFETIME”.
If a young actor doesn’t LOVE to practice, they should do something else.
The classes ground the actor and build confidence so it’s fun and exciting to act.
Auditions are the JOB of the actor, so it’s usually not as much fun, particularly if the parent puts too much emphasis on the child. Kind of like “test anxiety” that all kids have because their parents pressure them. Some artists work well under pressure, some do not. It inhibits their creativity.
That’s their job  on the Film/TV set, so if they don’t enjoy it in class, they won’t enjoy it on the professional set.
If they DO enjoy it, they will LOVE to attend their classes as PRACTICE.
I always remember Charlie Mcdermott (star of THE MIDDLE) who would attend EVERY SINGLE CLASS we offer, daytime, evening, weekends, etc. He had a voracious appetite for new material and direction.
Then he books THE MIDDLE and becomes a star. GOOD FOR HIM!
We love it when our young students book series regular roles and leave us!
And we’ve had over 100 of our young artists book shows while they were studying with us, and now they are off building their career.
Some come back to help us. We love that.
Coming soon: We have Tiffany Espensen, star of KIRBY BUCKETS coming to teach a special improv workout. TIFFANY ROCKS!
CALL ANGELA BROWN at 310-795-5191 for more information.


Coach Jack Turnbull

Actorsiter Red Carpet Event

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Dear Readers,
This Saturday, May 23, Actorsiter Adrian Moreira-Behrens stars in the Award Winning Drama “AFTER SCHOOL” in a special RED CARPET screening in Los Angeless. Actorsiters attending are invited to walk the red carpet.
Actorsiter Adrian has won BEST ACTOR for his role in this gritty drama about a boy who is accused of shooting another student. You can some and enjoy this exciting dramatic film THIS SATURDAY at 7:00 pm.
Be ready for a real nail-biting ride. GREAT JOB, ADRIAN!
Click here to get your tickets:
RED CARPET INFORMATION: Contact Yennifer Behrens at 310-728-5230
Actorsiter Caitlin Carmichael Stars!: “TEACHER OF THE YEAR” a hilarious comedy starring Actorsiter Caitlin Carmichael is now available VOD in both the ITUNES and AMAZON stores.
Actorsiter Caitlin stars alongside Matt Lescher, Sunny Carter and the Sklar brothers. GOOD JOB CAITLIN!  LOVE IT!
NIGHTLY EPISODES: Watch KIRBY BUCKETS nightly on DISNEY XD, starring Actorsiters Tiffany Epensen and Cade Sutton! SUPER! GREAT JOB GUYS!

All the best,

Coach Jack Turnbull

A producer’s “2 Cents”

A producer speaks;
Here is an interesting perspective from the mind of an active producer regarding working with talent. Remember, with kids, the parent is part of the package so even if your child is well-behaved, it’s up to you, the parent to complete the package!
I love the section:: “YOU ARE AT AN ON-THE-JOB INTERVIEW.”
Are you Stressed?
Here are some tips from my friend FORBES RILEY 
Here are 7 simple ways you can add meditation into your daily life to reduce stress:

1) Breathe deeply
2) Scan your body
3) Repeat a mantra
4) Walk and meditate
5) Engage in prayer
6) Read and reflect
7) Focus on gratitude
Do you need extra income?
So many actors and parents of actors would benefit from extra income. Even iphone pix and digicam pix.
And, there are so many stock picture opportunities around LA and there is tremendous demand for photos of different types.
We’re going to Las Vegas next week, so I’ll do a series on that trip, too….
So for those of you who are camera buffs, or iphone buffs…here’s a chance to make extra money licensing your photos online.
It’s a proven method to make extra money, and if you are ferrying around LA all day, there are a TON of picture opportunities, as you do your research on what sells. That stall in the farmer’s market, the flowers in the park, the sunset at Malibu, the street scenes in Santa Monica, or the Farmer’s Market all make great subjects for unique photos.
Here’s the link to learn more about it….CLICK HERE!


Coach Jack Turnbull

Hacking those PILOT auditions

By COACH JACK TURNBULL from Actorsite Awesome Acting Club
Coach Jack TurnbullThere’s a way to HACK the pilots right now for KIDS/TEENS.
Here’s a simple hack for young actors to get a CAREER BOOST by BEING PREPARED to ROCK THEIR AUDITIONS!
Most pilot auditions are LAST MINUTE, so you are RUSHING TO PREPARE—here is a way to BE PREPARED!
IF YOU FAIL TO PREPARE, YOU PREPARE TO FAIL—Coach Jack (this is a classic saying, though)
There are basically TWO acting styles that young actors must prepare for.
SINGLE CAMERA (single spaced audition sides) and MULTI-CAM (Double spaced audition sides).
Single camera preparation involves not only familiarizing your self with the words and actions, but also finding an organic approach so you connect with the material viscerally. It’s also important to SPEAK CLEARLY, but usually the performance is not over the top loud.
That’s a complicated way of saying: BE REAL AND DON’T BE UNBELIEVABLE!
Multi-cam preparation involves not only connecting with the material viscerally, but also practicing the material with volume and energy.
In other words, you have to be just as REAL, but also have energy and speak loudly and quickly(but still speak CLEARLY, because youth multi-cam shows are geared towards a young audience.
Also, BOTH types of PILOTS involve the three “D’s” of comedy—Desperation, Deception and the “Big DAY”. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
NOW, here is the hack:
  1. Go to SHOWFAX.COM and click LOS ANGELES, then click PILOTS then click the projects I will list.
  2. Download ALL of the characters and read the material to get a feel for the rhythms of the writing.
  3. Practice the scenes for ALL the series regular, particularly the kids/teens. It’s important that you get a FEEL for the writing, since IF you get a chance to audition, you’ll be MILES ahead of those who just have one day to prepare.
  4. Check SHOWFAX every day for NEW PILOTS and UPDATES on audition material. Particularly follow the casting offices that cast the youth shows. Go on IMDB to see who casts the youth shows. The internet is a huge resource, USE IT.
  5. Practice the material so you get a feel for the rhythms of those shows you wish to audition for. Your agent fights for you to get an audition, it’s up to YOU to be prepared if they win the fight!
  6. Get into classes like those at the ACTORSITE AWESOME ACTING CLUB, where our ONLY GOAL IS YOUR SUCCESS. We have classes FIVE DAYS PER WEEK and WE WANT YOUR SUCCESS!

We want YOU to join OVER 100 SERIES REGULARS who cut their HOLLYWOOD TEETH in our classes!

Dominate Your Video Auditions

Video auditions are IMPORTANT and getting MORE IMPORTANT all the time.

Shooting your VIDEO AUDITION:

BEFORE YOU TAPE YOUR AUDITION, BE SURE TO PRACTICE YOUR SCENE AT LEAST 50 TIMES OUT LOUD! All of this preparation won’t help if you suck at your acting, so BE SURE TO PRACTICE IT OUT LOUD at least 50 times. Most scenes are just one to three minutes, so that means that an hour of prep will help you ROCK YOUR AUDITION! PREPARATIONS is the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT!

1. BACKGROUND: Keep a simple background but DON’T USE WHITE. I like shades of blue and gray, but browns are great too! Keep it simple and not too busy, but not white.

2. CAMERA: Use your IPHONE or SAMSUNG phone. Be close to the phone for good sound, about 3 feet or so. Make sure you are in a room with curtains and carpet for better sound, they keep the room noise down. Don’t be 4 or more feet away, as the sound will be lost. Remember, on a film or TV  set, the sound recorder needs you to speak loud enough to record, don’t swallow your words thinking you are being emotional. Emotions are expressed, not suppressed in film/TV. If you use a camera, be sure you are close for good sound or use a separate microphone. I like the phones better because they have super microphones.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.48.55 AM
ONe of many selfie stands available at Amazon. You can mount on the selfie stand, or use the same mount on a tripod, easy!

3. TRIPOD: Use a SELFIE STAND on a table or mount on a tripod. Tons of these at .  They are cheap and very effective.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.23.55 PM
Five head light from Target…use 100 W CFL Bulbs.

4. LIGHTING: Use a huge window if you have one—no direct sunlight, only reflected light, or use a SOFT light source like the 5 head lamp at TARGET. Put 100 W CFL lamps in it and you have a super light source. Place it behind the phone/camera so it lights the face from the front, not the side. Or, if you wish you can order a softbox set like those shown here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.32.18 PM
Sample audition framing….

5. Frame your audition in a head and shoulders shot, unless directed otherwise. Make sure you don’t leave a lot of space at the top of the frame. The top of the head should be close to the top of the frame.

6. Go right into your scene at the beginning. No photos, no title, etc. Go into your scene. Don’t try to be cute, it’s your PERFORMANCE they want to see, not a photo montage or other time wasting items.

7. The READER should stand 3-4 or more feet BEHIND the camera, so your eye line as you read with the reader is good. The reader should NOT be closer to the camera than the Actor, because their voice will be too loud. Actor should look at the READER for the audition, and at the camera for the SLATE. You should be able to see the actor full face but not looking into the camera, but at the reader. Don’t look at the camera during the audition, only in the slate.

8. USUALLY you SLATE at the end of the scene. SPEAK SLOWLY AND CLEARLY. Usually they want NAME, CONTACT INFORMATION, HEIGHT, CONTACT INFO and sometimes they request other information.  If they want a full length shot in the slate, scan the body up and down quickly! If you want to put a slate card with your contact information, this is when you put it up. Some auditions, they want you to hold a paper with your info in the video, make sure it is clearly written and do a close of up of it.

9. NAME YOUR VIDEO: TITLE-ROLE-YOUR NAME. For instance, if the ROLE is SAM and your name is SUZY SMITH and the project is call ICEMAN, name your video  ICEMAN-SAM-SUZYSMITH.m4p. Use abbreviations if the title is too long.

10. If you are uploading or emailing, be sure to include your CONTACT INFORMATION in all correspondence. That would include your PERSONAL CONTACT if you are not represented, and your AGENT and MANAGER if the tape is for them. If it’s a personal submission like on Backstage or LACASTING, most agents and managers don’t want their info listed, so put your personal information. They can’t hire you if they can’t find you. You would be surprised to see the fantastic audition videos sent in without any contact info.

11. Casting likes uploads to sites where they can download the video if they like your performance and send it to the producers with their other videos. That’s why we recommend VIMEO or GOOGLE DRIVE for your uploads. You can post a comment if you have good luck with other services. I personally like YOUTUBE to view videos, but they aren’t easy to download, just the link.


Call Director of Talent, Angela Brown at 310-795-5191 for info on how YOU can BOOST SKILLS and EXCEL TO SUCCESS!

All the best,


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