Dear Actors,


We’ve had so many requests for ONLINE WEBINARS with our

coaches and Casting Director Teachers at Actorsite.


Whether you live in Los Angeles or not, these can be a super

way to sharpen the acting instrument by attending them online

and doing the homework with evaluation.


In fact, we’ve arranged it so no matter where you live in the world,

you can receive the same instruction as those who live in Hollywood

to prepare for Hollywood auditions.




Here’s the information:


“Home Study” Webinar Classes at Actorsite

Dear Actors,


We have some upcoming “HOME STUDY” classes at Actorsite.

This will bring our classes and workshops to actors, no matter where

they live in the world, as they prepare for Hollywood auditions.


Each class will be in three parts.


First, there will be an instruction portion, where the teacher will

give instruction regarding the subject matter, and will take questions

via a chat application. This will be highly interactive and the lessons will

be specific and timely.


There will be live demonstrations, too, so that it becomes clear what

the lesson is and how an actor is to approach that lesson and later



Then, it’s time to get to work on “HOMEWORK”.




We will include a WORKBOOK in this portion which will guide your

note taking, as well as provide some sample scripted scenes with which to



There will be a separate WORKBOOK for each age range. So that the

material will reflect the challenges each actor faces when auditioning and

working in Hollywood.


Ages 16 to 25 to play teens

Ages 13 to 15 years

Ages 9 to 13 years

Ages 5 to 8 years.


THEN, your Homework, each actor will then use the scripted scenes and,

using the lessons learned in the webinar,  make a videotaped submission  for

the industry professional to evaluate.


Each participant can then upload their video, and send a link to their

HEADSHOT, RESUME and VIDEO to be evaluated by the teacher of this

webinar class.


This will enable the teacher to then view the participants headshot, resume,

and video and complete a written evaluation of their performance. This

is kind of a “test” evaluation so that each participant can receive feedback on

their scene performance.


Participants will be able to participate LIVE or, at their option, participate

by viewing the recorded webinar and submitting  HOMEWORK by the

deadline for evaluation.




So watch for our upcoming WEBINARS  (with Homework and Feedback).




Casting Director Harriet Greenspan

Casting Director Scott David

Casting Director Catherine Stroud


Acting Coach Kimberly Crandall

Acting Coach Jack Turnbull


Other acting coaches, casting directors, plus AGENTS  and other industry professionals.




All the best,


Jack Turnbull