Agent Robin Nassif

How to keep your agent focused on YOU!
An online webinar with AGENT ROBIN NASSIF
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Dear Actors,

We have a special ONLINE WEBINAR with Talent Agent
Robin Nassif from Media Artists Group, a full service
talent agency in Los Angeles.

No matter where you live in the world, you can gain
added insights into how Hollywood works and how you
can participate.

A super workshop for those who are already represented,
and for those seeking representation.

What she will cover:

1. How does a Talent Agency Work?  What do they do and
what do they NOT do? How to use this info to your best

2. FILM/TV Agents and Commercial/Print  Agents, how do they
work together? What does “across the board” mean? How
is this good or bad for your career?

3. What is the difference between an agent and a manager?
What can an agent do that a manager cannot?

4. Why your agent may be the most important part of your
“team” in Hollywood.

5. 3 ways to inspire an agent to represent you.

6. 5  ways to keep your agent motivated to PUSH YOUR
CAREER.  Now you are represented, the next step is to
get them to push you.

7. How to “hit the ground running” when you first sign with
a Talent agency in Los Angeles.

8. Submitting online auditions: How an agent can get casting
to respond to your submission, and push you to the next level
of callbacks and bookings. What is a “pitch call”?

9. Successful auditions:  Your Agent can
help push you to the next level, the callback, and eventually,
the booking. How do they do that? What is “feedback”?

10. What are agents looking for? What is casting looking for?
How you can show them the “real you” so you can build
a huge career in Hollywood.

PLUS, Robin will personally evaluate your HEADSHOT, RESUME
and VIDEO with individual feedback geared to help you
succeed in Hollywood.

This is the same evaluation process that we use in our
live workshops, and, you get the benefit of practicing the
material prior to performing, so your sample performance
will ROCK!

You’ll receive the magic “tickets to Hollywood” in
your evaluation, so you KNOW how to proceed with your
training and what to work on for FUTURE SUCCESS!

Robin Nassif has been tops in the industry for over 30 years, with
several years as a top network executive supervising
the casting of over 250 pilots.

Several of the shows she supervised became the TOP
SHOWS of their era, including ROSEANNE, HOME IMPROVEMENT,
FULL HOUSE and dozens of others.

She also spent years as an Independent Casting Director for
Feature Films, Episodic TV, and TV Pilots.

She currently is the head of the YOUTH department at
Media Artists Group, where she represents actors who
play COLLEGE AGE or YOUNGER. Ages 4 to 30.


This online webinar is a super way to learn INSIDE
information from a busy working agent, and, more
importantly, to receive VALUABLE FEEDBACK on your

Cost for this online webinar is just $57.

Save $20, use the promo code ACTORPR when enrolling!

SATURDAY: DECEMBER 17, 11 am Pacific Time (2 pm
Eastern Time)

You’ll always be glad you participated in  an ACTORSITE
ONLINE WEBINAR…a great way to build KNOWLEDGE

All the best,

Jack Turnbull