Golden Tickets

Dear Young Actorsiters,

Here are our “GOLDEN TICKET” prizes for FAST TRACK PRO members.

Before I list them, I’ll tell you that it’s easy to earn the tickets. Just bring in a friend to try out an Actorsite FAST TRACK PRO Class, and we’ll give you ONE GOLDEN TICKET. Parents LOVE to bring their kids to Actorsite!

Bring In One Friend = 1 Ticket


If they sign up for the 30-day billing = 5  Additional Tickets

If they sign up YEARLY = 20  Additional Tickets

Plus we’ll have contests and in-class competitions where young actors can earn GOLDEN TICKETS.


100 Golden Tickets = A New IPAD 3 (Or whatever is the newest)

80 Golden Tickets = A new IPAD MINI

50 Golden Tickets = $300 in your WORKSHOP ACCOUNT

25 Golden Tickets = $100 in your WORKSHOP ACCOUNT

Plus bunches of other prizes as we grow.

So bring your friends to Actorsite, and we’ll grow and you’ll win super prizes!

All the best,

Jack Turnbull