Congratulations to Young Actors…

Dear Parents and Young Actors,

It’s so exciting to see young actors initiate
the process from first building skills to booking
like crazy! It’s fun to watch.

That’s why we designed our FAST TRACK PRO program,
so young actors can learn and grow and become successful
without any of the baggage that slows down a career.

Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out.

As you know, it’s PILOT SEASON (with over 50 pilots
currently casting) so it’s important to sharpen skills
to BOOK…some parents are happy just to get auditions, and
at the Actorsite, we sharpen the skills to also BOOK the role!

Here are some SHOUT OUTS to success,

***First, did you watch the first episode of
INCREDIBLE CREW on the Cartoon Network starring our

FUNNY STUFF: Improv and Sketch Comedy at it’s finest!

Say HI to Shauna on her FACEBOOK Fan Page to keep updated
on the show and her performances:

***And I’ve been seeing Actorsiter Kayla Madison in the
Kia commercial along with Actorsiter Arianna Guido, so
I loved getting this email:

Hi Jack,

Thank you for including Kayla in your shout outs. Her most
recent in the past 2 months has been….

“Kia Sorento” 2014 Airing Now!
“Royal Caribbean” Just shot last month
“Chick Fil A” she just booked
“Masters of Sex” Showtimes new show for the fall she
is “Tessa Johnson” Recurring Co-star.

We hope to make it to class soon, we are missing everyone!


Click here for Actorsiter Kayla Madison’s IMDB:

***And a big shout out to Actorsiter Greg Stutson who booked
his first National Commercial with Century 21!

Rock on GREG!

***A big hooray to ACTORSITER Mace Coronel who booked a nice guest
shot on “HART OF DIXIE” that airs on January 29!


***Actorsiter David Haag booked a nice supporting role
in the feature film “BUKOWSKI” directed by James Franco…


***Did you see Actorsiter Layla Crawford in her guest
shot on THE NEW NORMAL? She’s also on weekly on the
syndicated show THE FIRST FAMILY on Channel 9 in LA…
other markets check your local listings.


***Actorsiter Hana Hayes is shooting the feature
she’s also shooting the feature film BEAUTIFUL NOW
and her film THUNDERSTRUCK with Kevin Durant is available
on Cable and rental!


***Actorsiter Claudia Lee continues to star on the
hit series HART OF DIXIE and she’s also been in London
shooting KICK ASS II with Nicholas Cage.


***And some recent bookings for Actorsiter TATE BERNEY
(ALL MY CHILDREN) so you’ll see him in the SUBARU National
Campaign, the National ACE HARDWARE campaign and he’s also
starring as Aaron in the  web series “FIGHT”!


***HAve you see those FUNNY OR DIE shows with the
red-headed kid? That’s Actorsiter Skyler James Sandak…
He’s been busy booking right and left, so we’ll let you
go to his IMDB to see what’s up with his career.


Actorsite’s FAST TRACK PRO program is like a car which
goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds…it’s specific and the goal is
to get a career going without slowing it down!

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

Comedy Scenes

Dear Parents and Young Actors,
Here are some random comedy scenes to use for workshops.
Have fun finding a scene and preparing for the comedy Casting Directors!
All the best,
Jack Turnbull
Teen Boys:
Young Boys:
Young Boy and Teen Girl:
Young girls work on “KATE”:
Teen Girls work on “ELLA”:
Teen Boys can work on scene 1 of this one:
Another Teen boy scene:
YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS, ages 5 to 8 years:
YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS, ages 5 to 8 years:
YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS, ages 5 to 8 years:
Younger kids comedy:
Young Kids Comedy:
Young Kids Comedy:
Crazy Pre-teens and Teens Scene:
Crazy Pre-Teens and Teens Scene:
Pre-Teen boy:
Teen Girl: Character
Teen Girl: Pretty
Teen Girl:
Teen Girl/Pre-teen boy:
Teen Girl:
Pre-Teen Girl:
Teen Girl:
Pre-Teen/Teen Girl
Teen Boy and Teen Girl



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Booking A TV DRAMA Pilot

Dear Readers,

One of the reasons so many young Actorsiters find success is because we focus much attention on TV DRAMA bookings by bringing in the Casting Directors for TV DRAMAS and TV DRAMA pilots.

If you are new, you’ll be glad to learn that a PILOT is a “sample program” that they shoot to show the advertisers and the network what the program will look like.

Young actors who are lucky enough to book a Pilot series regular  will be paid from $10,000 to $50,000 for the Pilot and each episode if the show is picked up to series.

Each year, about 120 TV DRAMA pilots are filmed, and of those about 25% make it to series for at least 6 to 13 episodes. So it’s quite lucrative for young actors, and, more importantly, it’s a fun job with great food and young actors are treated as professionals on the set, so it’s educational, and a super career boost.

It boosts a career like no other type of booking.

What are the types of characters that young actors portray in TV DRAMAS?

If you watch Parenthood, then you’ll see several young Actorsiters playing younger kids as well as teenagers, and the writers of the show have them in all kinds of dramatic situations.

In BROTHERS AND SISTERS, several young Actorsiters were booked over the years as recurring guest roles as family members, and friends of the family. In DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, we had 7 young Actorsiters who booked at least one season, and one of my coaching clients booked 6 years as a teenager.

On the medical series, you’ll see kids/teens as patients, relatives, witnesses, and family members of the regulars.

On TV dramas, you’ll see kids/teens as victims, relatives, perpetrators, and they use kids/teens regularly to pump up the drama in these shows.

So we LOVE TV DRAMAS at the Actorsite, and we love to bring you the Casting Directors for TV Drama Pilots and Series for our workshops.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

TV/Film Drama Scenes

Here are some TV DRAMA/FILM Scenes to use for practice.
Prior to trying to analyze the scene or take it to a coach for tweaking, it’s important to practice the scene 50 or MORE times. That way,  a young actor can make the words their own and connect with the material prior to trying to analyze the material.
The words will tell you what to say and how to say it. So it’s important to practice the words over and over. In fact, there is a very effective acting technique that you can study for three years or more called the Meisner Technique that is very much based on using repetition to connect with the character and the material.

  1. What is the nature of the material. Is it  TV Sitcom, TV Drama, Feature Film, TV Dramedy (Single camera show like “MODERN FAMILY” or “THE MIDDLE”), or is it  TV Procedural Drama, etc.?  Or is it a YOUTH COMEDY to air on Nickelodeon or Disney? Each genre has it’s own style. Make a choice if it’s not obvious. This material is TV DRAMA/FILM.
  2. Who are you? Who is your character. What are your unique characteristics, and what is your unique story? Establish WHO YOU ARE! Many time scenes are accompanied with character descriptions. Find the YOU within that description or go a different way if you like. Just make a strong character choice.
  3. What is the environment? What is the time of year? Are you inside or outside? What is the time of day? What is the atmosphere? Are you in a stadium full of fans, or in the library? Are you in a classroom, or in a home, ESTABLISH THE WHERE.
  4. Who else in in the scene? And what is your RELATIONSHIP?
  5. What happened immediately prior to when this scene begins? Also known as the ANTECEDENT. What is the MOMENT BEFORE?
  6. What is your emotional state as you begin the scene? Are you angry at the other person? Are you irritated with them? Do you love them, do you care about them, do you want to be like them? What is your BEGINNING EMOTION?
  7. What do you want in this scene?  What do you need? What is your intention?
  8. Establish the WHY of your situation. Why do you WANT what you want? Why do you NEED what you need? Why are you here? Why should we watch?
  9. What are your obstacles? What keeps you from getting what you want and need? What is causing the conflict in the scene?
  10. Where are the DISCOVERIES in the scene that causes your character to have an emotional arc? What does your character learn during the scene and how do they change? How do you approach the changes? How does your demeanor change? Do you change what you want and need at this point?
  11. What is your secret? What is it that the audience knows that the other characters in the scene don’t know. Or maybe the audience doesn’t know, but you have a secret from the others in the scene. What is happening behind the scenes that affects your performance?
  12. Where is the LOVE? Even if you hate someone, you have to have just one moment where you care about them a little. Remember the conflict has to be three dimensional, so play the love just a little, or a lot, depending on the scene.
  13. Most importantly, WHAT IS THE SCENE ABOUT? Make a simple choice about what your scene is about. If you don’t know what it’s about, then it’s hard to perform it.

Here are some scenes to choose from. Try to find a new scene per week and “make it your own!”

Dramatic Scenes for KIDS, 12 and under:
Enjoy the practice, ACTING IS A BLAST!
All the best,
Jack Turnbull