Tip #14 Preparing For Coaching and Taping Auditions

Dear Readers,
It’s cable pilot season for Disney and NICK and other cable IMG_5807
channels, there will be a ton of requests for TAPING.

There are 11 or so cable pilots currently searching right now.

Here’s some tips on how to prepare for coaching and taping.

To prepare your child for coaching, you need to make
sure that they repeat the material as many times as possible
so they are comfortable with the dialogue.

This means to have them repeat it MANY DIFFERENT WAYS.

Don’t “lock in” to one way to do the scene too early in the
preparations session.

Whatever you do, don’t have them learn a “right” way to say
the dialogue.

That’s counterproductive and is what they call “overcoaching” in
the business.

You know, it’s where the child performs in a sing song manner
and won’t take direction.

That means they have been mainly coached by a BAD COACH or a
well meaning parent who thinks that that unnatural sing song
sound is what is “cute”.

First, there is no “right” for a child, there are only
choices and a good coach helps them find those choices.

So if you help your child prepare for the coaching
session by having them repeat the words, be sure to make
sure that they HAVE FUN with the material including practicing
it in funny cartoon voices and changing their delivery each
time through.

If they use their weird character voices, they can find
a way to make the words their own.

They can also practice with different dynamics too, and
many times parents find that irritating. It’s the way they

How many times should they repeat? My recommendation is at least 50 times. Experienced actors will do it 100 times  or more, because they know that a series regular role ensures their success in Hollywood and pays up to $500,000 in a year.

That way, when the coach goes to work with them and uses
the “method” to analyze the audition material, they
aren’t hung up on just teaching the child the words.

That is NOT the best way for a coach to spend their time.

The coach can use “script analysis” to evaluate the material
and then spend their time discussing what is going on in the
scene with the child, so that they child can make strong
emotional choices to make the material come alive.


Let’s all be ready for a GREAT CABLE PILOT SEASON!

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IT’S PILOT SEASON for DISNEY/NICKDear Readers,It’s a CASTING FESTIVAL right now for DISNEY AND NICKELODEON as they have 11 pilots in various stages of casting. Our students in our classes are auditioning regularly and we anticipate more bookings.HOW CAN YOU PREPARE?

1. Educate yourself on who casts pilots for DISNEY and NICK.

Coach Jack Turnbull

2. Find the projects they are casting.
3. Download the audition material for ALL characters in the pilot.
4. Practice until you have a feel for the rhythms and pace of the show.
5. Watch other shows from the same office.
6. When you get the audition, you’ll be super prepared to go big or go home.
7. If you are taping your auditions, follow instructions carefully.

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1. How do I find information on who casts pilots for DISNEY and NICK? You can use a service like IMDB PRO or CASTINGABOUT.COM to do your research on who has cast your favorite shows.

2. How do I find the projects they are casting? You can go to a website called SHOWFAX and view the pilots in production on that site. Scan down and find the projects cast by those offices that you are targeting.

3. How do I download the Audition material? First, I would join SHOWFAX and then you can audition all the audition material for the projects you are targeting.
Why? Because it’s good to learn as much as you can about the project and to work on all the characters so you are familiar with the writing.

4. How do I practice? Everyone practices differently. I teach a ton of coaches, so I teach different techniques for preparation. Use what you know and practice all of the characters that you download.

5. How do I watch other shows from the same office? You’ve done your research, now do some more. Just watch online to get a feel for the types of shows they cast.

6. How do I get the Audition? When they request online, submit your taped audition. If you have an agent or manager, they will make sure you are seen for any appropriate roles. Ask your acting coach, agent, manager, etc., will know if you are right for one of the roles.  Young artists who study at the Actorsite know HOW to go big or go home.

7. How do I make a taped audition? Read the instructions carefully. Follow them.

OK,  here’s some information on some projects casting.

One casting director who casts a TON of DISNEY SHOWS, like HANNAH MONTANA,  DOG WITH A BLOG,  AUSTIN AND ALLEY, etc., is Carol Goldwasser, she’s casting a PILOT called BUNKED—Download the material and get a feel for the rhythms of the language.


Do your research, build your career…kids can do it themselves, or parents can help…

Call Director of Talent Angela Brown to enroll in our classes at the Actorsite: 310-795-5191.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

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Audition Tip #13, Plus….

Audition Tip #13
Skype Coaching
Your Voice Over for Commercials Reel
Living in LA: Nat’s Early Bite
Dear Readers,Coaching for auditions is a special skill, because it’s not the same as coaching for

Coach Jack Turnbull

fundamental skill development. So whether you are an actor or parent of an actor, here is a tip in preparing for auditions with scripted material.

Before you analyze the emotional values of a scene….

Take the scene and work each line in the scene in reverse order, and practice each line 5 or more times. Each line is a special gift from the writers, so treat it as a special gift.

Make each line a memorable moment, since the writers don’t put it in the script unless it gives valuable information and helps the story along.

If there is a speech in the scene, which is three lines back to back, then give special notice to it. Work it extra so you have the rhythms of the language down.

For instance,

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell me. I can’t read her mind.”

Work it 10 or more times…vary your performance so you have choices.

Now, after practicing the language, you can analyze the emotional values and what is happening in the scene. You’ll be super prepared when you go for coaching, you’ll be SUPER READY! And at your audition, you’ll ROCK IT in the room and have FUN because you are prepared!

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Let’s do a shout out to those Actorsiters starring on the hit show
“I DIDN’T DO IT” on the Disney Channel.

Austin North

Let’s shout out to Actorsiters AUSTIN NORTH and PIPER CURDA
as they entertain us in this fun show.

Piper Curda

GOOD JOB GUYS, and good job to the dozens of young Actorsiters who have booked guest roles on this show.

There are many, and we want to congratulate  every single one of you!

Let’s shout out to those Actorsiters starring on the hit show “THE THUNDERMANS” on

Jack Griffo


A huge shout to Actorsiters Jack Griffo, Addison Riecke, and

Addison Riecke

Keely Marshall making this show a huge success, plus the DOZENS of young Actorsiters who have guest starred on this entertaining show.

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