Co-Star VS Guest Star

I had a parent ask me this week: What is the difference between a CO-STAR and a GUEST STAR.
In TV, the simple answer is this: A CO-STAR is a smaller role, and a GUEST STAR is a larger role.
Your union, SAG-AFTRA has an opinion on pay scales for these roles, so you can check with them for what they are.
In general a GUEST STAR—TOP OF SHOW is paid VERY WELL.
A GUEST STAR, not top of show, is paid a union minimum of several thousand dollars per episode.
A CO-STAR with a larger role, is usually paid by the day, or sometimes by the week, if the producers save money that way.
A one-day CO-STAR, who can have several lines or just one or two, is paid for the day.
All will receive some residuals according to the use of the final production.
Of course they include a studio teacher, etc., for minors working. The rules protect the kids/teens in show business.
NEED MORE INFORMATION, contact SAG-AFTRA and ask them.
This is a general description…
One or Two line co-star auditions? Generally, be SNARKY!
Raise the stakes, be busy and SNARK OUT! That way, they get what they need, someone to help the story along.
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[*]“This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition
or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting
director/casting associate/casting director (whichever is applicable)
teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access
to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials”

[*]”This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of a
Casting Director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment.
The intent of the class is solely educational. Attending a workshop
is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. Such contact as you
may have with a Casting Director at a workshop rarely results in
any further contact with that Casting Director or any company
affiliated with that Casting Director.

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Comedy Monologues

Here are some FANTASTIC COMEDY monologues for “GETTING AN AGENT” sessions…

  • Choose your monologue
  • Define your character–Make your character interesting!
  • Work the monologue 50 different ways until you make it your OWN

    Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 11.49.20 AM
  • Don’t be BORING, and don’t be UNBELIEVABLE!


I’ve been pondering life’s mysteries, like, if you are eating tic tacs, and you only have one left, is it a TIC or a TAC? I think about it all the time, and I’m gonna figure it out. You see,  I like this (Boy/Girl) (Jenny/Richie) and I’m planning to make my move this year in school. You don’t think I’m smart enough? Well, ponder this: If you are down to your last M&M, which M is it? It’s profound.  If I solve that, (Jenny/Richie) will fall in love with me. Excellent!


I’ve been thinking and if I hold it in any longer I’m gonna explode.  Okay, I’ll tell you, but don’t laugh. Even if you think its funny. Or stupid. Or stupid funny. Or, or, or…Okay. I’m falling in love. I mean I think so. I’ve never actually been in love, but you know that feeling when you get an “A”? Well, this feels ten times better, so it’s gotta be love. I can’t believe this. Dru Smith asked to borrow my pencil. Get it? BORROW MY PENCIL. It MUST be love. I’m SO happy!


We’re not lost,  You know, “lost” is just another word for finding something you didn’t know you were looking for.  Listen, you have to relax. We’re in nature. And nature will show us the way. Why don’t you just sit tight while I ask directions from this racoon?  She’ll show me the way.  That way? Ok, Thanks! . See, that was easy, Town is this way. I am one with my inner animal. You think I’m crazy? Yes, I am a little, maybe a lot.






Audition Taping

The Actorsite Awesome Acting Club “PRIME-TIME TAPING STUDIO!”

Audition Scene Taping and uploading at the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club is easy and fun!Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 11.12.31 AM

The Studio is set up and all we have to do is just turn on the lights to tape. Then, we have fast internet for uploading.

You can use your Iphone or Samsung phone, we get FANTASTIC sound, since our entire studio is soundproofed. Or, if you wish, we can tape for you for a small fee. Be sure to practice your scene OUT LOUD at least 50 times so you are ready to ROCK THE ROOM. If you need coaching, then it’s best to get your coaching prior to taping or, for a small fee, you can rent the space for additional time.

You can contact our coaches for taping or coaching, yes, there is a fee.



Screenshot 2016-02-12 at 6.52.08 PM
Jessica taping a commercial….

This is another perk of membership in the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club…a fun place to build a career!


Screenshot 2016-02-12 at 6.51.16 PM