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Shark Boy and Lava Girl

October 17, 2014

My 7 year old daughter loves this movie starring some of Actorsite’s students from the early 2000’s. NICE! We miss you guys!

Five Talent Agents

October 17, 2014

These Five Talent Agents want to MEET YOU on OCTOBER 26! Kelvin Parker-Actors and Artists Agency Face – 90210 Talent Agency Pietra Ingenito – Talentworks Agency A. J. Harris – The Savage Agency Cynthia Barry – First Class Talent   Ages 5 to 25.   All agencies are well respected in the industry and known […]

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Jake Short

October 17, 2014

Jake Short Has been making us laugh, first as FLETCHER on the hit series A. N. T. Farm on The Disney Channel,  and now as OLIVER  on the hit series MIGHTY MED on DISNEY XD.

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October 17, 2014

Congratulations to SEAN RYAN FOX who ROCKS as JASPER on the hit NICK SERIES “HENRY DANGER!

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Christian Ganiere Strikes Again

October 17, 2014

A HUGE shout out to Christian Ganiere, who started in Actorsite Classes at the early age of 3 years old. He’s starring in the SUBARU young driver campaign, he just booked a feature film through Casting Director Scott David, he booked a web feature film and a guest starring role on “ABOUT A BOY” on […]


Class 113

October 6, 2014

Dear Young Artists, Today’s lesson is a scene that will challenge you to create several different characters and bring them to life in one scene. If you’ve seen this scene before, then you can really ROCK IT! If not, you can still ROCK IT. Before you work on the scene, here’s a vocal warmup to […]


Class 112 NEW

September 30, 2014

Before the class or coaching, be sure to practice your speech and diction. Here is a sample warm up from Coach Jack Turnbull: To prepare your scene for coaching or a class, be sure to practice it OUT LOUD 20 to 25 times prior to making your character choices. THESE ARE COMEDY SCENES, SO GO […]



September 29, 2014

Scene1 for ONLINE CLASS… Here is a voice and diction warm-up for you to practice before you log in to the class: Check the emails for our ONLINE CLASSES!  OR GO HERE TO SEE THE SCHEDULE Click here to download the  SCENE for this class: LIFESUCKS The Coach will work with each participant on this […]



September 15, 2014

Actorsite’s Awesome Acting Club 5512 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401 There is a storm coming—a SKYLER STORM (starring PARIS BERELC) Check out some of our SUCCESS STORIES Dear Readers,   Coach Jack Turnbull Before I give you tip #15 today, let me tell you that the big one hour season finale of MIGHTY […]

Tip #14 Preparing For Coaching and Taping Auditions

August 20, 2014

Dear Readers, It’s cable pilot season for Disney and NICK and other cable channels, there will be a ton of requests for TAPING. There are 11 or so cable pilots currently searching right now. Here’s some tips on how to prepare for coaching and taping. To prepare your child for coaching, you need to make […]