Industry Workshops

Our ALL AGE workshops are a great way to boost your career.


The FOCUS is on YOU:

  1. You work “One on One” privately with the industry professional
  2. You choose an appropriate scene that focuses on You and bring two copies.
  3. You read with a reader who is focused on making you look good.
  4. You receive feedback directly from the Casting Director.
  5. The moderated Q and A covers all aspects of the Industry Guest’s expertise quickly and concisely.


  • Guest Director will inform about experience in casting and how explain how current projects are unique or similar to past projects.
  • Guest director will make Unique casting office etiquette suggestions. Actors can get tips on how to behave in his office.
  • Guest director will explain current office policies and procedures including noting the steps in the process from receiving a script to finally booking the talent.
  • Guest Director will include specific information on such things as how many actors are called in to pre-read, how many direct to producers, etc.
  • Guest Director will explain the use of Breakdowns, Now Casting, Iactor and other online industry resources.
  • Guest Director will note how their office uses hardcopy headshots.
  • Guest Director will explain how the casting directors in this office respond to postcards, if the postcards announce a booking or performance.
  • Guest Director will offer personal suggestions to make the casting process a positive experience for each actor, including what it means to “be prepared” in their office.
  • Guest Director will explain how they interact with Agents and Managers.
  • Guest Director will cover general industry trends in casting and how these trends relate to their job.
  • Guest Director will evaluate headshots and resumes.
  • Guest director will work personally with each actor on audition skills with the goal of improving their audition performance.
  • Guest Director may provide a simple evaluation form so actors may take the suggestions to their acting coach or teacher for future improvement. This is optional for all guest directors.
  • In the case of INTENSIVE WORKSHOPS, guest directors can further provide instructional training for each participant.

Are you new to Actorsite and our Casting Director events?

When you, as a new actor, attend Actorsite Casting
Director events, you may have endless questions for the Casting
Directors because you may feel out of the loop in
the casting process.

As you attend more and more workshops, you
grow comfortable with Casting Directors and a
picture emerges of how the industry works.

Actors love Casting Director events because it’s a time
for them to practice audition skills without the pressure
of having to book the job.

Creative artists develop relationships with creative
casting directors that can last a lifetime. It’s important
that actors ENJOY the casting process, because the they
will spend more time auditioning than they will working
in the early stages of a career.

Producers are spending MILLIONS of dollars on their
projects. You want them to hire you.

If producers are going to risk MILLIONS, and you want
them to consider you, YOU, as a PRO-ACTIVE ARTIST,
need to make sure you understand the industry and have
your own connections and relationships.


1. They provide valuable inside information to actors.
2. Actors perform representative material under the
watchful eye of industry professions.
3. Many times they provide written feedback that actors can
take to their acting coach for future improvement.

It’s always a WIN – WIN at the Actorsite! NICE!

All the best,

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Additionally, agents and managers are forbidden BY LAW from
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[*]”This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of a
Casting Director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment.
The intent of the class is solely educational. Attending a workshop
is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. Such contact as you
may have with a Casting Director at a workshop rarely results in
any further contact with that Casting Director or any company
affiliated with that Casting Director.,4944 Vineland #22, North Hollywood, CA 91601