For Frugal Parents

The “THRIFTY” Hollywood Parent:

How ACTORSITE AWESOME ACTING CLUB  (AAAC) helps your child, and YOU, the supportive parent,  for an affordable price!

Dear Parents,

Our “FAST TRACK PRO” Acting Training program is tops in Hollywood.

So many of the most successful young actors choose the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club (AAAC) to train. And their parents save in the 04-IMG_4993_ppprocess.

So, when it’s time to audition, they have money for coaching.


Coaching is important, but not as important as classes, where each young actor forms a SOLID ACTING BASE from which to make their choices. Then, when you for coaching, young actors have SKILLS so the coach has something to work with.

Skills  give each young actor a “slight edge”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.35.20 PMWhere Actorsite Awesome Acting Club (AAAC) can help most is in providing SKILL DEVELOPMENT and PRACTICE for young actors at an affordable price.

Then, when you go for private coaching, your coach can take a MUCH MORE HIGHLY SKILLED young actor to NEW HEIGHTS! Remember, try to do LIVE COACHING, because SKYPE COACHING is not near as effective as LIVE COACHING. It’s not surprising that several of the TOP COACHES IN HOLLYWOOD also teach our classes—It’s win-win-win at the AAAC.

Another “slight edge”!

We have been encouraging young actors for over 16 years, and we have an unmatched success rate…over 100 series regulars and movie stars cut their Hollywood  teeth at the Actorsite.

The “common thread” among  all successful young actors is that they love to perform and love Actorsite Awesome Acting Club 20141018_121558acting classes, and, more importantly, they love to improve their skills by working outwith their fellow actors.

Young actors need acting practice for skill development and so they are ready to book.

Actorsite workouts are geared towards a VARIETY of styles, since one day your young actor will be auditioning for NICK or  DISNEY and the next day for a PRIME TIME DRAMA, and they need such variety of skills…VERY IMPORTANT!

And when your young actor is given a script that is 10 pages long for a feature film audition, it’s important that they have been “working out” regularly so they are SHARP! You can’t learn to act overnight…if you are rusty, it shows!

If young actors fail to prepare, they prepare to fail!

A beautiful group!Young actors need STRONG SKILLS to take to their acting coach when going for a career making role. And since we have coached for so many successful young artists, we know what it requires, and it requires a practiced, skilled young artist.

As you already probably know, Actorsite Awesome Acting Club  “workouts” are a powerful tool for your young actor to push their skills to a new level on a regular basis.

Because we deal with so many “working” young actors, we offer a flexible “drop in” workout class schedule…

Does your child sit around in class waiting for the chance to do 5 minutes of work with the teacher? Don’t pay huge sums for such paltry training…Actorsite classes are high energy workouts, where each young actor is challeged in each and every class.

And, when auditioning , your young actor is PREPARED to TAKE DIRECTION! NOTHING beats Actorsite Awesome Acting Club Training.

At the Actorsite, our ONLY goal is our young members success!

Our Audition Skills Curriculum includes:

ACTING WARM UPS: To enhance their acting skills.Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.40.35 AM
VOICE AND DICTION WARMUPS: So they speak clearly.
IMPROVISATION: So they can “think on their feet”
REPETITION: So they connect with the material
SENSORY: So they can build a library of feelings
ON-CAMERA: Because so many auditions are on-camera
COLD READING: Because that’s what an audition is!
SCENE PERFORMANCE: Because acting is about “reacting”

And, in each session, we have a “focus” which may be on a PRIME TIME DRAMA AUDITIONS, PRIME TIME SITCOM AUDITIONS, DISNEY/NICK AUDITIONS, FEATURE FILM AUDITIONS, COMMERCIAL Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.47.45 PMAUDITIONS, VOICE OVER AUDITIONS, and many many other subject areas…

IMG_2929So each young actor gets a “CONSERVATORY” approach to their career!

So at the Actorsite, the FRUGAL PARENT can encourage  their young actor at the highest levels, while also saving money so they can put that money into coaching when the chips are down and there is a big audition!

Remember, it’s important during these “frugal” times to see that acting training at the HIGHEST LEVELS is very reasonable…the successes of young Actorsite Awesome Acting Club  members is the proof!

All the best,

Coach Jack Turnbull