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Making Life Easier: Online Headshot/Resume Sites

Dear Readers,

I’m putting together my information on the online services used by Hollywood. If you work out of California, you may use other services…here’s my list.04-IMG_4993_pp

Online Services are very inexpensive ways to post your . headshot/resume profile within the Hollywood Industry.

When you arrive in Hollywood, the FIRST THING to do is  get your headshot/resume up on these sites. Almost all of  them are free or very inexpensive and I’ll explain why you need to do it below. Your Agent and Manager CANNOT submit you if you aren’t online! Get busy!

Years ago, it was prohibitively expensive for actors because they would have to spend thousands of dollars IMG_3287on headshots  each year for submissions. Now that cost is cut way down through the use of online services.

I’m not covering the process of “submitting online” in this email, because that is another email altogether!

This information is just to make you look professional no matter which casting office you visit.

Between these services (and, of course, hard copy headshots) an actor can cover 100% of the casting offices in Hollywood.

Breakdown Express/Actors Access
Casting Networks/LA Casting20120715_110232
Now Casting/Players Directory
Frontier Casting/Castingfrontier
Internet Movie Data Base/IMDB

There are reasons to be listed in all of these, although I don’t have opinions on if you need “deluxe” listings on any.

The main thing these sites have in common is that they are used by enough industry to be useful and they all have a talent profile which connects your headshot/resume to their processes.

1. Breakdown Express/Actors Access is how almost ALL Film/TV Casting Directors schedule auditions. They send out breakdowns through Breakdown Express and your agent and manager can submit your file. Actors manage their profile information through Actors Access.showcase2

They also have an upload service for auditions as most of the other groups below have, so your headshot/resume link would be  included in the upload if the producer wished to view it.

My personal advice is to have ONE COMPELLING picture (at least) which defines the actor’s look and is specific. Too many pix and you look a little desperate in my opinion. Save the “many looks” for the commercial casting sites.

You may also put up your reel and segments of your reel, and you may link to your segments through your Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.49.46 PMresume. If you have “reel” worthy material can be valuable. YOU DON’T NEED A REEL! So be sure that you don’t pay a lot of money for a “reel” that looks amateurish.

This would be a good place to put up your voice reel because many of the film/tv casting directors also cast voices for ADR and Animation.

They also have some kind of Actor Slate which I feel is a total waste of time and money. Any video you put up online should be  produced work, not vanity work…save that for your friends and family.

2. Casting Networks/LA Casting is the service used by most commercial casting directors for sending out breakdowns and receiving submissions. Also, many independent casting directors are using this site to cast PILOTS, Features, and other projects like student films, etc.

20120715_110224This is the site where you can put up multiple pictures, because the commercial and commercial print casting directors like a ton of different looks to choose from.

You can also put your reel up here, but it is unlikely to get looked at.  Put up your commercial VOICE OVER reel.

Your voiceover reel would be more effective, since many of the  same casting directors who cast commercials also cast voiceovers.

3. NOWCASTING is a service used by many casting directors to upload casting sessions and it’s important to have your profile information on this site. It’s primarily used by theatrical  casting directors for this service, as far as I know, and the use is growing.

This is a very “actor friendly” site, designed and built by  actors so it’s a place to also host your reel and voice over demo so you or your reps can send them to casting or producers if needed.20141018_121558

I would “mirror” my Actors Access profile on NOW CASTING.

Another way to get listed in NOW CASTING is to put yourheadshot/resume in the PLAYERS DIRECTORY, which was developed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar) over 70 years ago. It’s now independent and still used by almost every casting office in Hollywood every day! They publish a hardcopy and ebook directory. and,

4. Frontier Casting/Castingfrontier is a commercial casting service which is used extensively,  so it’s important to be in their service. They have bar-coded check in which is quick, and it’s important to keep your profile updated. On this site I  would “mirror” the info you post on  LA CASTING.Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.35.20 PM

5. Castit/Actorcast is being used by many of the studios for their audition uploads and distribution. Recently they have been building the Actorcast site where they now link to your profile with their audition uploads.

On this site, I would “mirror” the information on the
Actors Access site.

6. The IMDB is an independent database which lists the credits for films and TV shows and some other media.

IMDB is highly used to check credits and it’s important to make sure your credits are accurate, since many are not. Also, don’t put extra work up on this site, as it will make you look desperate. It’s OK to not have credits on IMDB, you can put up your resume, but don’t put extra work on your resume if you want to work in Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.48.09 PMSince producers and directors and casting directors love IMDB to double check credits, I would have a headshot/resume up on this site. It’s not expensive and it’s well worth the money.

It’s probably the most used of any of the online services, although all of the others are very important.

I would definitely have a headshot/resume up on this site!

And you can TWEET your successes and link to it on the IMDB!

7. is a great place to put your headshot/resume and submit for independent films, national searches, spec projects, student films, and to submit for projects in other areas of the country where you can work as a local hire. Just put up your headshot/resume and link to your youtube, etc.

This is my basics, and I’d like to hear from you on this subject!

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Jack Turnbull