Actorsiters LOVE “Sketch” Comedy, now “SO RANDOM” Nice!

From Email:

Actorsiters LOVE “Sketch” Comedy!

Hi Jack,

Just to let you know Sterling Knight is currently starring
along with 2 other former Actorsiters, Audrey Whitby and
Bridget Shergalis, on Disney’s new sketch comedy show
“So Random” now that “Sonny with a chance” has concluded.

The episodes are airing Sundays at 7:30pm.

I think they are funnier than SNL and Bridget and Audrey
appear in about 75% of the episodes and of course Sterling
is in all of them.

I also think that the entire cast is extremely funny and
very talented and I’m sure the experience gained at
Actorsite has helped those who attended.

Peter Shergalis

Here’s some information if you want to NAIL Sketch Comedy Auditions!

How to “NAIL” SKETCH Comedy Auditions!

Dear Parents and Young Actors,

Our “SKETCH COMEDY” intensive on SUNDAY with Casting
Director Orly Sitowitz is generating some questions.

Here is some background on why this is so important.

A top cable network, with major corporate funding, has
decided to go into “live-action” programming in a big
way to compete with the Youth Networks.

This network already has a huge following among youngsters,
so this is a giant step into the future for them.

They’ve hired some of the executives who, in the past,
developed shows that helped actors like  Miranda Cosgrove,
Victoria Justice, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lyn Spears, Amanda
Bynes and dozens of others find their comedic footing and
become stars.

This means that there are likely to be 4 to 6 NEW pilots to be
cast during the “CABLE PILOT SEASON” this fall.

Cable pilot season runs from October to January, so the
pilots can be seen in February at the Cable upfronts.

This is great for Young Actorsiters who are “quick” on their
feet, and have sharp comedic timing. They’ll be ready for the
10 to 12 total pilots to be cast this cable pilot season.

That’s why we think this workshop with Orly Sitowitz is
such a great opportunity.

She’s an “expert” on these types of auditions. And she is
SHARP and generously agreed to help young Actorsiters.

It’s going to be a small group with tons of personal attention.

Ages 12 to 17 only. Limited to 12 actors!

She’ll be teaching techniques to use in future auditions, including,

*Using Improv in your SKETCH COMEDY.
*Sharpening your comedy timing.
*Bringing YOUR COMEDIC SELF to the audition.

Here’s the link to RSVP ONLINE:

All the best,

Jack Turnbull