Congratulations Young Actorsiters

Congratulations to young Actorsiters

Dear Parents and Young Actors,

There is TONS of great news out there for Actorsiters!

A huge SHOUT OUT to Actorsiter Sydney Mikayla for booking
the PILOT for "LITTLE IN COMMON" for the FOX Network for
their mid-season lineup.

She joins Actorsiter Skyler Gisondo and movie star Heather
Graham in this retooled comedy pilot!

Congratulations to Actorsiters SYDNEY MIKAYLA and SKYLER

Plus, Actorsiter Stuart Allen booked the guest starring role of
"Jake" in the hit comedy "ICARLY" that airs on Nickelodeon.

He also booked the role of the "Little Grey Squirrel" in the
animated series "GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU" for
the Disney, Jr. Network.

Actorsiter Zachary Haven is on fire.

He booked a PSA, a "JUST DANCE" commercial, a role
in the pilot "THE CYNICAL LIFE OF HARPER HALL", plus
starred in a music video! GOOD JOB ZACH!

And his brother, Actorsiter Tyler Haven booked the
horror thriller "PLAYTIME". Good job, Tyler.

And don't forget to watch "A. N. T. FARM" on
DISNEY, which stars a BUNCH of Actorsiters, like
Jake Short, Stefanie Scott,  Aedin Mincks, and 
a bunch of guest roles, too.

And remember to watch Actorsiter, Tiffany Espensen
starring as PIPER on "BUCKET AND SKINNER" on 
NICK, where you also see a bunch of Actorsiters in the
guest cast.  And watch for Tiffany's nemisis played
buy Actorsiter Hana Hayes.

Also, watch "AWKWARD" on MTV, which stars two
young Actorsiters, Ashley Rickards and Jillian Rose
Reed, NICE.

I'm so proud everytime I turn on the TV and see
Actorsiters starring in so many shows...

Actorsiter Charlie McDermott on "THE MIDDLE" on
ABC, Actorsiter Kelsey Chow starring on "A PAIR OF KINGS"
on DISNEY XD, Actorsiter Victoria Justice starring

So many talented young actors...

Here's a letter from Actorsiter Tucker Albrizzi's 
mom, you can see him on TWO episodes of BIG TIME RUSH

And you'll see him in GOOD LUCK CHARLIE as JAKE, too!

He's in several episodes of both shows.

And a BUNCH OF OTHER BOOKINGS! (I love that word "BUNCH")

GOOD JOB, BOY! Here's his imdb:

A  little while ago,  his Mom, Claudine sent me an email talking
about how the "mock auditions" that we include as part
of Actorsite's ULTIMATE ACTING TRAINING program have 
impacted her young son's career and made him a "booking

Practice makes perfect and the more practice the more
perfect---Actorsite is the place to practice acting

Here's a recent update from Tucker's Mom, Claudine:



Hi Jack!

I wanted to let you know about more Actorsite success stories.  

I always tell you that Actorsite mock auditions are the best 
thing and here are more reasons why!  Tucker booked one of the 
lead voices in the animated feature film Paranorman as well as 
a part in the Judd Apatow film Bridesmaids this summer both 
from casting with Allison Jones and Ben Harris.   

Ben Harris saw Tucker at Actorsite and brought him into the 
office for the first time and he has booked everything he has 
auditioned for there since!  This week Tucker also booked co star 
roles on both Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives 
again after seeing the casting directors at Actorsite.  

Just to show you that the casting directors do remember the kids, 
Bacharach/O'Neill told Tuckers agent "we saw him at a workshop 
and remembered him".  Well, since Actorsite is the only workshop 
Tucker does we know where she saw him!

Thanks again,
Claudine Andrews


So here's a big SHOUT OUT to Tucker Albrizzi and his mom,
Claudine! NICE!

I'm proud of all young Actorsiters! GOOD JOB, GUYS!

Let me know of your successes at

All the best,

Jack Turnbull