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Announcements from young Actorsiters!

“Bucket and Skinner”, “Victorious”, “A. N. T. FARM”, new episodes.

Dear Parents,

I love to hear of so many successes for young

I’ve added a letter from a supportive parent of young
talent, plus some more “shout outs” and announcements.


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Here’s a letter I received after my last “shout out”


Hi Jack–

Well, you know when you send out these congratulation
shout-outs you open up a can of worms….all of us
proud moms send you emails wanting to let you know
of their talented kid’s successes, and this is only
a reflection on you Jack and your Actorsite program!

You continue to remind us how important it is that
our young actors keep polished, keep practicing their
craft, and keep focused on their career.

As in our situation, as much as we often try, we’re
not always able get to a workshop, but both Robbie
and Jillian have benefited from the workshops they
have attended in the past. They both started at
Actorsite and from that they have learned and built
relationships and are now on their way to successful careers!

You mentioned that Jillian is starring in MTV’s
Awkward, and we are thrilled to shout out that
Awkward has just been picked up for a 2nd season!

Jillian also just appeared on Disney’s ‘Pair of Kings’
as Tessa and it looks as though she may be recurring
on the show!

Robbie just filmed a Guest Star role with Seth Rogin
on the FX ‘The League’, and this past winter he filmed
Family Weekend as Kristin Chenowth and Matthew Modine’s
youngest son. And here’s a blast from the past…
Shirley Jones played Robbie’s grandma (she was amazing to
work with!)!  Robbie was also Charlie the little brother
on Disney’s hit film ‘PROM’ which was in theaters
this past spring!

Robbie was also the voice on three Burger King national
television commercials over the summer!

Thank you again for providing the tools for my
children to blossom!

We’ll be back soon to keep that muscle exercised
before pilot season!

LOVE to hear about all the Actorsiter’s success!

Lisa Reed~Tucker


Congratulations to Jillian and Robbie.

***Actorsiter Tiffany Espensen wanted me to announce a NEW
at 8:30 pm on NICK! She stars as “PIPER”.

Watch for Actorsiter Hana Hayes as her arch-nemesis, too!


***Actorsiter Victoria Justice has a bunch of news, including
the announcement of a NEW EPISODE of VICTORIOUS airing on
SATURDAY Night at 8:30 pm on NICK!

Her singing career is taking off, too, and my wife and
daughter love her music. We got a CD from SONY MUSIC and
they play it constantly.

***”FLETCHER” from A. N. T. FARM has been my assistant for
a few workshops…thanks to JAKE SHORT for helping out.

A. N. T. FARM has a new episode airing tonight, too, so be sure to
others tonight! Nice.

***Actorsiter Andy Scott Harris opens September 27, 2011, as the lead,
“YOUNG NORTON” in the play “SOUTH STREET at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Plus, he has a guest role in the premier episode of “NEW GIRL”
premiering on the FOX NETWORK on TUESDAY, SEPT 20.

You can also see him in “BAD TEACHER” coming soon on DVD!


***I was watching an episode of “THE MIDDLE” last night
when I saw Actorsiters David Chandler as Derrick Glossner
and  Parker Bolek as Wade Glossner!

Both are RECURRING as the neighbor kids to the Heck family.

As usual, Actorsiter Charlie McDermott, ROCKED in his role
as Axl Heck, the teenage boy.


***Zach Haven booked ANOTHER commercial. This time it’s
Walmart. Keep Rockin’ Zach.

***Watch for Actorsiter Kevin Ruiz in a guest role on
“BODY OF PROOF” on September 27!.

Good Job, KEV.

So, join with winners at the Actorsite by signing up for
our “FAST TRACK” program.

We’ll love to see you SATURDAY at our “FAST TRACK” Classes.

Want to try a class on Saturday? no problem, just arrive early
to sign in.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull