Oct 25 Info

Dear Parents and Young Actors,

Last night, my wife and I watched a program on
Netflix called "WALKING DEAD". We like zombie movies
and this was a TV Pilot, and as I watched, I saw
Actorsiter Adrian Kali Turner as one of the stars.

His performance was compelling and understated and
the show was super, too bad it didn't get picked up
to series.


Here's his IMDB:

This is the time for the Actorsite to "raise the bar"
and push more young artists to success...

So it's up to you to "raise the bar" too. 

We started with six kids in our original classes
and it has grown to what we have today.

So, here's what I'm planning.

I've seen how there are so many conflicting opinions on
just about every aspect of building a Hollywood career.

So I'll just try to sort some out some of these opinions
and give some guidance from my perspective.

One casting director says this, one casting director
says that…

But what do they really respond to?

I've been at this long enough to see, so I'll share my
thoughts with you.

Keep watching our emails for info.

In the meantime, here are some announcements for you.

***First, we have some info from our OCT 18 Showcase up
on the blog.

Here's the link to see that info:

VOICE OVER, so we will be working on VOICEOVER SCENES!

ON-CAMERA, so be sure to arrive ready to work on-camera.

***Fourth, we are planning a big agent night soon, so
get your headshots ready, and get a scene ready to rock!

***Fifth, I fixed the link for the HOLIDAY CAMP so you can
now sign up for that.

Here you go:

Remember, NOW is the time to "push forward" when there
are small classes and individual attention.

ALL acting classes during pilot season are full to 
capacity. So if you wait until then, expect less 
attention and more competition..

Pilot season is a fun and exciting time in Hollywood, from January
through April, and it's best to be as prepared as you
can BEFORE you get to Hollywood.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

Congratulations to some of our ACTORSITE SUCCESS STORIES:

Kelsey Chow, Starring on "PAIR OF KINGS" for DISNEY XD
Tiffany Espensen, starring on "BUCKET AND SKINNER" on NICK
Jake Short, starring on "ANT FARM" on DISNEY
Stefanie Scott, starring on "ANT FARM" on DISNEY
Aedin Mincks, starring on "ANT FARM" on DISNEY
Cameron Palatas, starring on "ANT FARM" and a new series on MTV
Adam Irigoyen, starring on "SHAKE IT UP" on DISNEY
Kenton Duty, starring on "SHAKE IT UP" on DISNEY
Davis Cleveland, starring on "SHAKE IT UP" on DISNEY
Victoria Justice, TV and Recording star.
Brittany Snow, starring on "HARRY'S  LAW" and FEATURES
Scout Taylor-Compton, FEATURE FILM STAR
Ashley Rickards, starring in "AWKWARD" on MTV
Jillian Rose Reed, Starring in "AWKWARD" on MTV
Caitlin Carmichael, starring in Stephen King Miniseries.
and dozens of other young successful actors!