3rd Day: “Courage”

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is
the courage to continue that counts.”  —Winston Churchill

Courage is a muscle.,,

Dear Readers,

It takes tremendous courage to tackle a creative

And with the risks come huge rewards for those who
“stick it out”.

Each and every day we have to stretch and loosen
up our COURAGE muscle.

As you know, I constantly repeat the mantra “Acting
is a muscle, you have to work it out.”

So let me change that a little and say “Courage is
a muscle, you have to work it out!”

Each and every day, we have to take those challenges
that we have been avoiding, those challenges that
could move us a little closer to our creative goals,
and we have to face them with an open heart to allow
ourselves to find the truth in our creative lives
and to confront our own dark instincts of self defeat.

So, this year, take your  courage and loosen it up
and practiceit in little ways.

Find those things that you dread doing because of fear
of failure, and confront them and take  small steps to
challenge your courage muscle and face down your fears.

Do it in small ways and that way, as you approach those
larger fears, you know that you are gaining strength and
growing and you have STRONG COURAGE.

Remember, your fears are there to protect you from
danger, but in the modern world many times your

So, if you just move yourself into the arena
that you fear, you can confront those fears and
find the courage to continue.

So flexing your courage muscle will give you the
confidence to fight on as a creative warrior.

“…most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
Steve Jobs

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

Cleaning up the clutter…

Wow, did this quote hit me like a piano…

“The next time you feel down or low or sad tackle your
junk drawer or your closet and get rid of anything you
don’t use or really, really love. Be ruthless, you probably
won’t miss it if you throw it out – how important can it be
if its been in the back of your closet for two years? You’ll
be amazed how much better you feel and how much lighter the
space you live in becomes.”—mk


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