Kimberly Crandall Webinar

Dear Actors,

One of the hottest ways to submit for PILOTS and FEATURES is
to send an on-camera submission through ECO-CASTING at
BREAKDOWN SERVICES or other online submissions, like, vimeo and youtube.

I been viewing a TON of tapes and SO MANY OF YOU NEED TO
TAKE the “ON-CAMERA SECRETS” Webinar with Acting Coach
Kimberly Crandall.

Kimberly has been busy coaching series regulars for on-camera
auditions. And she’s been busy coaching via SKYPE for
on-camera auditions, and, in this Webinar, you can learn
over TWO HOURS of “ON-CAMERA SECRETS” so that you
sharpen your on-camera auditions and BOOK!

And that’s the goal, to BOOK THE PROJECT!

So many of you have invested in expensive cameras, lighting
and computers only to find that you rarely get callbacks or
bookings, and, I KNOW WHY!

The online auditions that I have viewed are NOT GOOD…

In fact one actor submitted one online, and I suggested
he take the “ON-CAMERA SECRETS” webinar and the next
audition that I reviewed was INCREDIBLE!

The contrast is EXTREME! The old audition looked like the
actor had NO CLUE, and after taking the webinar, it looked like

So if you submit your auditions online, and it’s becoming
more common these days, then this is the ONE WEBINAR that
you cannot afford to miss.

Remember, 90% of all castings are submitted online by
the casting director, so this webinar can help you
BOOK in so many ways!

As the parent of one participant in this webinar states:
“We now have an on-camera checklist and it makes it easy.”

SO many of you spend so much on equipment and coaching, and it
goes to waste because of simple techniques to create

TAKE IT TODAY, and submit your “HOMEWORK” by
JANUARY 3 for evaluation.

You’ll always be glad you boosted your career by watching
this webinar and receiving feedback from KIMBERLY.

Need a workbook and scenes, send to me:

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

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Stefanie Scott, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
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Brittany Snow, starring on “HARRY’S  LAW” and FEATURES
Sarah Ramos, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Savannah Rae, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Skyler Gisondo, starring in “PSYCH” and FEATURES
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Caitlin Carmichael, starring in Stephen King Miniseries.
Jason Dolley, starring in “GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE” and FEATURES
Sterling Knight, starring on “SO RANDOM” and features.
Charlie McDermott, starring on “THE MIDDLE” and features
and dozens of other young successful actors!