Preparation Vs. Luck!

Dear Parents and Young Actors,
I hope our shout outs and announcements provide some
encouragement for hard working talent.
We have mentored so many new parents and talent through
the beginnings of a career and on to huge success…that’s what
the Actorsite is about.
We point you straight towards success in Hollywood!
We know that at Actorsite that every big star that has
passed through our doors started out by working on skills
on a daily basis.
Hard work and perseverance pay off in Show Business.
So I have to say that so many young Actorsiters are
LUCKY, because they are PREPARED!
If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.
And the Actorsite programs are a PROVEN way to success!
Now, some announcements:
***Actorsiters Tiffany Espensen and Hana Hayes
want to let everyone know there will be a “BUCKET AND
SKINNER” Marathon with 13 hilarious episodes on TEEN NICK
this weekend…If you don’t get TEEN NICK, you better order
it NOW so you DON’T MISS OUT!
Good Job, Girls!
***Actorsiter Jake Short wants to let everyone know that
the hit series A.N.T. FARM has been renewed for another
season on the DISNEY CHANNEL!
Watch Jake starring as FLETCHER!
***Actorsiter Victoria Justice invites you to view a sneak
peek of her new song on Perez Hilton’s site:
We love your music, Victoria!
***A super shout out to TRENTON ROGERS
It’s Christmas and TRENTON is the voice of CHARLIE BROWN in
the show HAPPINESS IS A WARM BLANKET (he is also the voice
of Shroeder). I love it when they play this show during the
Also, he’s the BOY in EINSTEIN PALS (He is Leo in the
series “Little Einsteins”)
Super Job, TRENTON!
Hi Jack
I wanted to share with you that Maya booked a role in
the feature film “Bayou Tales” that was casted by Fern
We leave for New Orleans this Friday until December 10th.
You and everyone at the Actorsite have always been so
supportive of Maya. Thank you for all you do to help
prepare kids for the challenges and rewards that acting
Linda Lemon Rush
Sterling booked ANOTHER guest appearance on Criminal Minds.
Watch for his episode soon!
Just to let you know Ashlee Fuss has booked Criminal Minds!
We are beyond excited for her.
This is her first TV booking. Being here a year has paid off.
So grateful to the classes, and to Scott David.
She has had auditions back home with Criminal Minds, but taped.
This was her first time in the room with them all and she booked.
Scott David was one of the first CD’s she met when she came for
Pilot Season.
What an honor.
She has wrapped an amazing SAG Short “Haven’s Point” which premieres
next weekend. Cant wait to see her, Her boyfriend in the short plays
Preston Scavo (twins) on Desperate Housewives.
Been an amazing experience for her!
We are beyond blessed and thrilled for her.
She has worked so hard.
Thank you for your workshops. It pays off.
God Bless and have a wonderful Holiday
Jolene Fuss
We shouted out earlier this week regarding her booking
the feature film: “THE REGINALD LEWIS STORY” role!
Hello Jack,
Ivanna Gee also booked, “Prime Suspect” on NBC her Episode is
called “Ain’t no Sunshine” which should air in a few weeks.
She Also booked a  Well’s Fargo Print Ad.  SWEET!!!!!!
Thank You guy’s for Everything 🙂
Melissa Gee
She also booked a webisode cast by Scott David! FUN!
***And From Monique Green’s Mom, after we sent the SHOUT OUT
this week:
Thanks Jack!!!! And the Actorsite family for all of your support!
Monique has gained HUGE confidence because of her time with you guys!
So appreciative as she climbs her ladder to success!!
Thank YOU Gwendolyn, and give Monique a big Actorsite HOORAH for us!
I love sending out these updates…so much to say.
This is exciting and a GREAT JOB to all young Actorsiters who show
up everyday and WORK ON SKILLS because: ACTING IS A MUSCLE,
All the best,
Jack Turnbull
Congratulations to some of our ACTORSITE SUCCESS STORIES:
Kelsey Chow, Starring on “PAIR OF KINGS” for DISNEY XD
Tiffany Espensen, starring on “BUCKET AND SKINNER” on NICK
Jake Short, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Stefanie Scott, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Aedin Mincks, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Cameron Palatas, starring on “ANT FARM” and a new series on MTV
Adam Irigoyen, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Kenton Duty, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Davis Cleveland, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Hailee Steinfeld, star of “TRUE GRIT” and FEATURES
Victoria Justice, TV and Recording star.
Brittany Snow, starring on “HARRY’S  LAW” and FEATURES
Sarah Ramos, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Savannah Rae, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Skyler Gisondo, starring in “PSYCH” and FEATURES
Scout Taylor-Compton, FEATURE FILM STAR
Ashley Rickards, starring in “AWKWARD” on MTV
Jillian Rose Reed, Starring in “AWKWARD” on MTV
Caitlin Carmichael, starring in Stephen King Miniseries.
Jason Dolley, starring in “GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE” and FEATURES
Sterling Knight, starring on “SO RANDOM” and features.
Charlie McDermott, starring on “THE MIDDLE” and features
and dozens of other young successful actors!