Second Day: “WILL”

This Holiday, help us give you the WILL TO WIN!

If you have the will to win, you have achieved half
your success; if you don’t, you have achieved half
your failure.—David V.A. Ambrose

(Special thanks to for this quote!)

Every day I encounter actors with the WILL TO WIN, no
matter how long it takes or what hardships you will

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanakuh to all of you. Happy
New Year to Buddhists and Hindus, Muslim and Sikh and
EVERYONE ELSE—I want this to be our gift to you…

What I want to give you is a a boost to “THE WILL TO WIN!”

That’s right, at the Actorsite, we want you to KNOW that
the road to creative success is paved with tenacity and
hard work, talent, all of those wonderful skills that you
have, and most importantly, the knowledge that YOU CAN WILL

I want to give you the confidence to know that as long
as you PUSH FORWARD, it’s not IF but WHEN!

So, at the Actorsite, we want you to KNOW THIS IN YOUR
HEART! So every step you take forward, every push you
make, every time you practice your skills, or go to class,
to go to a workshop,  you are MOVING CLOSER TO YOUR SUCCESS.

WINNING means beating the odds and competing against
your negative self. If your positive self wins, you
WIN BIG. If your negative self wins, you just fade

So we want to give you the gift of THE WILL TO WIN
as you head into PILOT SEASON. It’s arriving soon,
so remember that this is YOUR YEAR TO SUCCEED!

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

Don’t forget, we give you a 25% bonus on any workshop
funds deposited this SATURDAY, December 17. This is the
last time this year for this bonus.

This is a KILLER CHRISTMAS GIFT for Actors, so tell
Santa Clause what you want for Christmas.


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