The 5th Day: VISION

The 5th Day of Christmas: VISION

Dear Readers,

I’ve been so busy all day with the webinars and the
classes that I’m writing this in the evening on Saturday.

The subject is YOUR CREATIVE VISION, and I have
two different short essays on this subject that I
resurrected to share this Holiday.

I hope you enjoy!


From the Book MARATHON By Jeff Galloway

A dream is not connected to reality. It’s easy to dream
that you’ll run below two hours in the marathon. Yes,
you can dream far beyond your capabilities and set yourself
up for great disappointment. At the instant of your dream,
you may be exhilarated. But without a plan and the reality
checks along the way, motivation is lost very quickly.
Even when dreams are within your capabilities, without
a well-structured training program and regular mental
contact with your vision, dreams are seldom realized.

In contrast, a vision is a series of images that can be
molded over several months into a realistic behavioral
plan that is put into action every week. In effect, you’re
a sculptor who molds an elusive image into a series of
real experiences that have all of the elements that
prepare you for and lead you to a goal that is realistic,
fulfilling and engaging.

A vision is a realistic future behavioral experience
that you can prepare for by specific physical and mental
exercises. To truly fulfill a vision, you must chart
out these exercises, constantly adjusting and fine-tuning
them to make the vision more complete and meaningful to
you. Then, you end up with a final product that is much
better than the one you started with. With each adjustment,
you get more involved in the process and become more motivated.

Do you have VISION or a DREAM?

If you have a VISION, then you not only can see yourself
succeeding, but you see choices you can make on
the path to success. You see that you can change your
behavior to make your creative success not only a
Dream, but a tangible reality.

Because we get caught up in living the dream, sometimes
we forget the VISION, which is to change our behavior
to ensure success. Training for success is like training
for a marathon, or a sporting event.

So, here is what I propose: Get out a sheet of paper
and write down your VISION. Make it a wonderful Vision
with a tangible outcome. Then take and write down a
simple step by step plan to achieve your vision, never
losing sight of the vision.

The Holidays is a great time to do this. Create your

Plus here’s an short essay I wrote a few years ago


THE POWERFUL PATH, is that of the actor who is so enamored
of the process, and loves the audition process, and the casting
process, and the learning and the cold reading, and all of the
parts of this business and art and craft, that the actor creates
a VISION OF DESTINY through this process and proceeds towards that
vision undaunted by pitfalls and obstacles.

This PATH is the journey and the journey is the path. Remember, if
you get to the point that you ENJOY the adversity, and you ENJOY the
challenge of overcoming hardship, and you ENJOY the prospect of
defeat…and at the same time you SAVOR THE CONSEQUENCES IF YOU
SUCCEED….that DREAM overcomes all hardship and you will

Feed your HUNGER to succeed with small successes on the creative
road…and remember to enjoy these times, because you will look
back at them as the HAPPIEST and MUST FULFILLING times of your
life… Develop a camaraderie with friends, and most importantly,
WATCH THEIR BACK, and find friends to help WATCH YOUR BACK…because
the creative person needs that camaraderie that nurtures the spirit
and protects us from our own naivete.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull