Webinar Submission Info

Dear Valued Participants,

Wow, we’ve finished our first 5 webinars, and we discovered
so many technical issues that need to be addressed.

If you haven’t received your evaluation yet, from your
webinar, please read this info and resubmit.

Technical issues:

1. Files too big. So many of you have sent files that take
15 or 20 minutes to download over a regular internet line.

SOLUTION: We’ll use YOUTUBE, where the files stream. No waiting.

2. Files wrong format. Some of the Agents and Casting Directors
have had issues with the format for some of the video files
which are not compatible with their computer.

SOLUTION: We’ll use YOUTUBE, where the files all stream on all computers.

3. Bad links to the headshot and resume. Sometimes when they
click the links, the files don’t come up.

SOLUTION: CHECK YOUR LINKS. Click them from a test email and
make sure they work.

4. Actors Access files not loading properly.

SOLUTION: Check the links and make sure they load. Remember,
your Actor’s Access short link should be simple and should load
from ANY computer, not just yours. No password required.

Here are the resubmission requirements.

1. Upload your video to YOUTUBE and make sure you have the
correct link to it and that it will load and not require login

2. Make sure your actors access link works by sending it
to a relative or friend and have them click it and see if it
opens. That way you know that it works, and don’t cause
unnecessary hassle for the guest, who wants to evaluate your
video and view your headshot and resume, not sit and worry
about technical issues.

So here’s what your submission should look like, you can
click the links to see how quickly they open:

Dear _______,

Here is my Headshot and Resume for Evaluation:

And here is my VIDEO for Evaluation:

I enjoyed your webinar and look forward to your evaluation, etc…
You can add your personal comments here.

Send to the proper email address from your webinar.

Thank you so much,

All the best,

Jack Turnbull