300+ Reasons to Train!

300+ Reasons to STAY SHARP in Hollywood!

Dear Parents and Young Actors,

Currently there are over 100 pilots listed on
CastingAbout.com as currently casting.

Plus there are another 25 or so that have offers
out and will begin casting in the next week or so.

Of the ones listed, 4 or 5 have already started shooting,
and are still casting guest roles and rewritten roles.

Usually pilots take from 3 to 12 weeks to cast, and,
if the youth roles are secondary, then they are cast the
last few weeks of the process, so particularly on those
TV DRAMAS, where the youth roles are family members, or
guest roles, those will be cast the last couple of
weeks, after the main adult cast is set.

For sitcoms, the kids are usually important to complete
the “family” situation.

The exception is if the story is written around one
or more of the youth characters, and then they will
be cast first, since those roles are “cast contingent”
and they have to set them prior to completing the

So, that means it will get busy for those of you who
haven’t been busy, and the next 4 or so weeks are
important to make sure you stay sharp and in the game.

***Another note, according to castingabout.com, there are
309 TV PROJECTS currently in various stages of casting, so
200+ active shows as well as 100+ pilots are currently
casting in Hollywood.

And there are probably another 30-40 currently casting in
New York, Florida, Vancouver and Toronto, too.

So the TV industry is ROCKIN’!

So be sure to stay sharp and get in for your FAST TRACK
CLASSES on a daily basis.

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You can enroll by the week, the month, or the year at
the Actorsite. Just come to any class and enroll at that time!

All the best,

Jack Turnbull