An Investment in your child…

Dear Parents,

One of the greatest gifts you can give a young
actor is the gift of SUPPORT for their creative

Family encouragement is essential for young artists success!

And an investment in a young actor’s future, pays off
handsomely year after year, whether they stay in
show business or go into other businesses!

We have enjoyed watching so many young Actorsiters make
that huge BREAKTHROUGH role that thrusts them into the
spotlight and to a NEW LEVEL.

I have spent years mentoring parents of creative youth through
their first few years in Hollywood. And so many, as long
as they stick it out, have found HUGE success.

Actorsite’s FAST TRACK program is a PROVEN way to give a young
actor the tools and confidence to turn auditions into
callbacks, and callbacks into bookings.

Other programs make outrageous claims and, worse,
charge outrageous prices.

And yet, their standing in the industry pales in
comparison to the ACTORSITE, where literally dozens of
series regulars have used the Actorsite to hone their craft.

Each young actor in our program can practice audition
skills 3 to 6 times per week, so they are SHARP and
ready to book.

And, if you need private coaching, you can contact
the class teachers for top rated coaching.

We have more series regulars than any other school!

So, just think of our YEARLY rate as a SCHOLARSHIP RATE.

Because our (lesser) competition charges $3000 or MORE
for FEWER classes. And they get it from unsuspecting

And, if you just attend half of the classes offered in
a year, you’ll still be able to keep the cost to just
$10 per class or less. A bargain investment with
HUGE potential returns!

It makes the $995 year fee look like an incredible

And, if you wish, you can invest TWO PAYMENTS of just
$497.50 each to put your young actor on the path to
success. (Second payment in 30 days)

At the Actorsite, we know that working on skills on a
regular basis is important.

Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out!

And, we know that “staying in the game” is doubly
important. So our program is designed to keep you
in the game!

That’s why we designed our program with two goals.

1. Acting Training at the highest levels(And fun, too!)

2. Affordable price so the parents can stay in the game.

So take advantage of our affordable yearly rate
and invest in your child today.

Families? Second child is 1/2 Price.

Want to read more? Click here for our “FAST TRACK”
program information.


Go here for information:
Here is how to contact the coaches who teach at Actorsite.

Kimberly Crandall:

Taryn Schubert:
(Audition coaching, audition scene submissions)

Mackenzie English:

Jennifer Hubilla  Quinn:
(Singing, Acting)

Lizzie Weiss:
(Singing, Acting)

Congratulations to some of our ACTORSITE SUCCESS STORIES:

Kelsey Chow, Starring on “PAIR OF KINGS” for DISNEY XD
Tiffany Espensen, starring on “BUCKET AND SKINNER” on NICK
Jake Short, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Stefanie Scott, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Aedin Mincks, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Cameron Palatas, starring on “ANT FARM” and a new series on MTV
Adam Irigoyen, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Kenton Duty, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Davis Cleveland, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Hailee Steinfeld, star of “TRUE GRIT” and FEATURES
Victoria Justice, TV and Recording star.
Brittany Snow, starring on “HARRY’S  LAW” and FEATURES
Sarah Ramos, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Savannah Rae, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Skyler Gisondo, starring in “PSYCH” and FEATURES
Scout Taylor-Compton, FEATURE FILM STAR
Ashley Rickards, starring in “AWKWARD” on MTV
Jillian Rose Reed, Starring in “AWKWARD” on MTV
Caitlin Carmichael, starring in Stephen King Miniseries.
Jason Dolley, starring in “GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE” and FEATURES
Kay Panabaker, starring in “CSI” and “NO ORDINARY FAMILY”
Sterling Knight, starring on “SO RANDOM” and features.
Charlie McDermott, starring on “THE MIDDLE” and features
Danielle Panabaker, Starring in “SHARK” and FEATURES!
and dozens of other young successful actors!

All the best,

Jack Turnbull