6 Steps to More Successful Auditions

Six steps to more successful auditions!

Dear Parents and Young Actors,

The “Jack Turnbull Method” means that each
young actor is taught to bring EVERYTHING to the
table when auditioning.

Each of our coaches is trained to teach each young
actor to bring several elements to the AUDITION

Not only do we TEACH these important lessons, we also
have the kids and teens PRACTICE them regularly, in our
“FAST TRACK” program. Young actors can stay sharp by
attend once a week or MORE.

So here’s some tips to share with young actors, when

Do You Bring EVERYTHING to the table?—

Do you bring all of your acting training and experience
to the table? Or do you leave it home when you go in
to a casting session.

These are skills that we both LEARN and PRACTICE
regularly at the Actorsite. For young actors:

1. Do you approach each audition working out a
“moment before” for your character, even if it’s just
a word or two, or a silent moment.

Remember, any scene is a MOMENT IN TIME, and that MOMENT
IN TIME is preceded by OTHER MOMENTS.

We regularly practice using the moment before in our
FAST TRACK CLASSES, so each young actor in our
classes is prepared when they audition!

Using the “moment before” in an audition ensures a
great beginning to your audition.

2. Do you establish a strong character for your

All roles are written for CHARACTERS, not by actors
just saying the words or doing the action.

Establish your CHARACTER  PRIOR to walking into the
room! So many actors are called in and then bring

DON’T fall into the trap of “THEY WANT ME”.


They want an interesting character that TELLS THE STORY.

Look at all of the successful actors. THEY ARE
CHARACTERS both privately and on film! BE A CHARACTER!
Better yet, have a choice of two or three or more
that you can bring to the table.

Our “FAST TRACK” classes encourage each young actor to
establish a strong character with each scene they practice.

So, be sure to bring a STRONG CHARACTER TO THE TABLE.

3. Do you respect the story ARC. Even if your scene has just ONE
LINE, even if you are just a couple of seconds
in a commercial, you are part of a STORY ARC, bring
SOMETHING INTERESTING to  help complete the arc.

When you get your sides, are you in the TEAZER in the
beginning of the show? (That’s page one or two) or are you
on page 17 or page 43…Remember most TV scripts are around
45 pages in length…Be aware of your WHERE YOU ARE IN
THE STORY and bring elements that will help complete
the story!

AND END, EVEN ONE WORD. Complete your performance.
ONE SECOND can contain all of those elements!

Most TV scenes are one to two minutes in length, so
whether the scene whips to a new scene or cuts to
commercial, it will have a complete arc.

Beginning, middle end.

5. Do you have THREE different ways to perform the
audition. I used to recommend 5 different ways, but
because kids are so busy, try to have at least three
different ways.

Simply put, if you you have three different ways, you
are more likely to be able to take the direction if you
inspire them to direct you in the room.

My suggestion: Find a way you feel is comfortable, then
also practice it much BIGGER, even HUGE so that if they give
you the “more” direction on any part of your performance,
you can take the direction and run with it.

And, also practice a much SMALLER version, where they might
say “more natural” so you bring it down a little.

Remember, they usually have a hard time getting you
BIG enough for the scene, but also, you need to be able
to do it SMALL sometimes too.

THREE different ways to do the audition.

That’s what we practice at the Actorsite.

6. Do you FIND A BUTTON at the end of your audition.

ALWAYS find a way to complete your performance.

STICK THE LANDING and make sure you show your

Finish on an interesting BUTTON and HOLD on it for one
second (sometimes more)

Remember, they are always casting the close up.  HOLD IT
for an extra SECOND!!! Give casting time to see you are
finished…It’s important that you STAY IN CHARACTER

Young artists are LUCKY, because adult actors will study
for years and years after graduating from theater school,
and yet, they never learn this stuff.

Most young Actorsiters are qualified to TEACH in COLLEGE
because they have the skills that most college trained actors
never achieve, the skill to BOOK in HOLLYWOOD!

All the best,

Jack Turnbull

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