Hey, Jack recent letters

“HEY JACK” Some letters from the inbox…

Dear Readers,

Here are some recent emails sent to me and I want to start
to send out the “HEY JACK” messages weekly. So if you have a
showing, airing, booking or industry related comment to make regarding
Actorsite, just send to Actorsite.support@gmail.com with
the heading “HEY JACK”…

I’ll put up many of them in my weekly “HEY JACK” email.

I would love to hear updates from current and past Actorsiters.

Be sure to include information on COMMERCIALS booked, too,
since we have been kind of lax about announcing that, even though
Actorsiters have 25 or 30 nationals running right now.

Also, I want to apologize to Jordan Van Vranken and her
mom Rita, because I started this column too late to help
promote her film “AFTER THE WIZARD” which was in limited
release in early August.

It was your efforts that inspired me to start this column, so
thank you, and I’ll watch for Jordan’s new promos in my
email box.

Here we go:


I can’t thank you enough for the great demo reel you did
for Caroline. Annet loves it and she is trying to get a
voice over agent with the demo. I also had someone comment
that they paid 1500 dollars for one and Caroline’s sounded
better. Thanks for caring ……. and keeping things
affordable so I can help Caroline achieve her dream.



(After I sent the “ACTORSITE PARENTS = SUPERHERO” Email:)

Hey Jack,
You are better than Joel Osteen!!
Jamie filming tomorrow won’t be able to work with you guys.
Have a great weekend.

Hope all is well. Hope you received Aaron’s post card. He booked
a voice over roll on a new Dream Works film called “Turbo”
(w/Ryan Reynolds). Aaron is the voice of Danny. See you soon
Yours Truly,
Aaron Berger

Hey jack, CONGRATS TO ALL Actorsite kids for all the booking.
Wanted to also let you know of another booking!! Chelsey Valentine
booked a recurring role on American Horror Story Season 2 and is
working along side veteran actress Jessica Lange!! so watch for
her coming this October. We will be seeing you soon at some
workshops! HOpe you and the family are doing well.
Connie and Chelsey Valentine 🙂

Hi Jack,

Thank you for your information and passion in getting young
actors the skills and professionalism they need in this difficult
industry. I wanted to share that Sophia Linkletter a long time
Actorsiter just booked a lead in a feature film called Gawkward.
She plays the role of Lucy. It is a teen comedy and has so many
fresh, fun ideas in regards to the difficulties of growing up.

Thanks again, Adrianne and Sophia
Hi Jack,

Sorry it has taken me so long to follow up with you since
my daughter, Meredith, took
the Sketch Comedy Camp with Kimberly Crandall back in July.

I just wanted to let you know how much Meredith enjoyed
the class. We were very impressed by the amount of casting directors that
showed up on a beautiful sunny Sunday for the showcase.

We would have stayed longer and taken many more classes at
Actorsite, but due to a show Meredith was in locally we were tied to New
England for the entire summer.

Thanks again.

Susan and Meredith Morhun
p.s. Hope you had a chance to enjoy the maple spread:-)


We wanted to give you a “heads up” that the episode of
Kickin’ it that Madison is in will be coming in September!
Please mark your calendars so you don’t miss it.

Here is the info for the episode of ” Kickin’ It” where
Madison plays “Lorie”! We hope you enjoy it! We feel so
Blessed to have worked with such an amazing and talented
Cast and Crew! Thank you God!

Air Date: Monday, September 24, 2012
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-8:30 PM EST on DISNEY XD
Episode Title: (#205) “Hit the Road Jack

Thank you for you love and continued support of Madison!!
The Curtis’


RE: The message I sent entitled “COURAGE”


Jack, thank you for such an inspirational email! I really appreciate
it-especially trudging to auditions in this heat.

All your emails are really helpful.

With thanks,

Shelley Gentner
(Rachel Katz’s Mom)


Thank you!
Fantastic message, love it and appreciate it.
Claudia Moores


I enjoy getting your messages. Keep it up!

Jim Bird


Thank you so much for this!!! Tanner is testing
for new school today and I am doing postcards and
v.o. stuff that I have not got a clue about. Not sure
which one of us needed the most.
Have a great day!
Julie and Tanner


I love this ! I’m printing it out and taping it to the fridge!

Amy Lord McRae


Thank you all for your updates and comments!

Send your updates to “HEY JACK” at actorsite.support@gmail.com .


Congratulations to some of our ACTORSITE SUCCESS STORIES:

Kelsey Chow, Starring on “PAIR OF KINGS” for DISNEY XD
Tiffany Espensen, starring on “BUCKET AND SKINNER” on NICK
Jake Short, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Stefanie Scott, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Aedin Mincks, starring on “ANT FARM” on DISNEY
Cameron Palatas, starring on “ANT FARM” and a new series on MTV
Adam Irigoyen, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Kenton Duty, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Davis Cleveland, starring on “SHAKE IT UP” on DISNEY
Hailee Steinfeld, star of “TRUE GRIT” and FEATURES
Victoria Justice, TV and Recording star.
Brittany Snow, starring on “HARRY’S LAW” and FEATURES
Sarah Ramos, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Savannah Rae, starring on “PARENTHOOD”
Skyler Gisondo, starring in “PSYCH” and FEATURES
Scout Taylor-Compton, FEATURE FILM STAR
Ashley Rickards, starring in “AWKWARD” on MTV
Jillian Rose Reed, Starring in “AWKWARD” on MTV
Caitlin Carmichael, starring in Stephen King Miniseries.
Jason Dolley, starring in “GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE” and FEATURES
Sterling Knight, starring on “SO RANDOM” and features.
Charlie McDermott, starring on “THE MIDDLE” and features
and dozens of other young successful actors!