Booking A TV DRAMA Pilot

Dear Readers,

One of the reasons so many young Actorsiters find success is because we focus much attention on TV DRAMA bookings by bringing in the Casting Directors for TV DRAMAS and TV DRAMA pilots.

If you are new, you’ll be glad to learn that a PILOT is a “sample program” that they shoot to show the advertisers and the network what the program will look like.

Young actors who are lucky enough to book a Pilot series regular  will be paid from $10,000 to $50,000 for the Pilot and each episode if the show is picked up to series.

Each year, about 120 TV DRAMA pilots are filmed, and of those about 25% make it to series for at least 6 to 13 episodes. So it’s quite lucrative for young actors, and, more importantly, it’s a fun job with great food and young actors are treated as professionals on the set, so it’s educational, and a super career boost.

It boosts a career like no other type of booking.

What are the types of characters that young actors portray in TV DRAMAS?

If you watch Parenthood, then you’ll see several young Actorsiters playing younger kids as well as teenagers, and the writers of the show have them in all kinds of dramatic situations.

In BROTHERS AND SISTERS, several young Actorsiters were booked over the years as recurring guest roles as family members, and friends of the family. In DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, we had 7 young Actorsiters who booked at least one season, and one of my coaching clients booked 6 years as a teenager.

On the medical series, you’ll see kids/teens as patients, relatives, witnesses, and family members of the regulars.

On TV dramas, you’ll see kids/teens as victims, relatives, perpetrators, and they use kids/teens regularly to pump up the drama in these shows.

So we LOVE TV DRAMAS at the Actorsite, and we love to bring you the Casting Directors for TV Drama Pilots and Series for our workshops.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull