Dear Parents and Young Actors,

Increasingly, this pilot season, we’ve had a ton of
casting directors ask for submitted self-taped scenes via
eco-casting or other services for projects.

Plus, many projects “back home” are asking for
uploaded auditions.

As you probably know, we’ve had SUPER results from our
self-taping upload service, including DOZENS of callbacks,
and several bookings resulting from our video services.

The first impression is important, so your audition
video has to be EXCELLENT with GOOD SOUND and a

Here is the information on our eco-casting uploads.

Send to if you have questions
or wish to schedule.


Cost: $40 for Taping and upload one audition scene. Two takes,
pick the best one to upload. Limit to 30 minutes time.

Coaching available for $40 per 1/2 hour additional.

Some suggestions:

1. Be off book and coached to perfection.

2. Have your ACTORSACCESS.COM info or other upload info
with you.

3. Don’t wear white. Most other colors are fine as we
have good lighting.

4. Arrive ready to rock, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes
to tape a scene (The first take is usually the best, but
sometimes you might want to tweak it once)

5. …arrive ready to work, bring your music if you are going
to dance sing or rap…or do it without music.

6. Need extra time, NO PROBLEM. We bill at $20 per extra 10 minutes
over 30 minutes depending on availability. (If you aren’t
prepared, and need extra time, I definitely recommend getting
a 1/2 hour of coaching on-camera, it’s well worth the extra coin.)

All the best,

Jack Turnbull