So many young Actorsiters booking commercials!

I love it when I see so many familiar faces in commercials on TV! I just BEAM WITH PRIDE knowing that those young artists were trained at the Actorsite. So I KNOW that our program works. Acting Coach Taryn Schubert puts her “magic touch” onto each young actor.

So many young Actorsiters are booking commercials right now.
 And parents keep telling me they credit the constant IMPROV training at Actorsite, and particularly the training with ActingCoach Taryn Schubert. Every one of her classes include IMPROVISATION and we also have the full IMPROV WORKOUT every SUNDAY EVENING!

TIP 1: Practice Improv with Acting Coach Taryn Schubert. (Actorsite kids are taking over the commercials, is Coach Taryn the “secret weapon” for booking? —I think so!)

Congratulations to VAN SANTANDER booking the BANK OF AMERICA COMMERCIAL campaign, and Congratulations to DYLAN SHEPHERD, booking the VERIZON campaign, and watch forJAEDEN BETTENCOURT in the ABOUT YELLOW STORE campaign.

TIP 2: Walk into the room like you own it and TAKE OVER THE ROOM! (Coach Taryn and ALL of our coaches focus on the acting skills that give each young actor CONFIDENCE and SHARPENED TALENT, so they BOOK MORE!)

And ALEXIS BAUMERT is ROCKING! She’s not only in the ATT campaign, but she also booked a VO for GILROY GARDENS. Those THURSDAY VO workouts with super VO Coach Gianna Burkeare paying off!

And that’s Actorsiter JAMIE MCRAE in the National SPRINT campaign.

Speaking of the ATT campaign, I really enjoy watching MILLY D when I am watching the playoffs on TV. It’s fresh and fun and she credits Taryn’s improv classes with keeping her sharp with IMPROV.

Add in a few more to the ATT campaign, like JAYDEN MADDUX, LAYLA CRAWFORD, ALEXIS BAUMERT, and JAEDEN BETTENCOURT...plus probably a couple more as soon as they tell us…not everyone does!

And YES, that is Actorsiter ADAM CHERNICK in the FACEBOOK HOME Campaign…that’s him with the chocolate on his face!

TIP 3: Have FUN in the Audition room. Young actors who show confidence, flexibility, and the JOY OF PERFORMING, will always book MORE than those who go in with a bad attitude.
Go in, have fun, and then ride home feeling SUPER!—-CALLBACK TIME!

This is a small sample of some recent bookings by young Actorsiters who are constantly training and gaining CONFIDENCE and SKILLS in our ACTORSITE FAST TRACK PRO CLASSES!

If you want YOUR CHILD to succeed, you’ll bring them to ACTORSITE and TRAIN FOR SUCCESS!

Come try a free class today, HERE’S A SCHEDULE OF CLASSES!


Jack Turnbull