Commercial Booking Class

Book More Commercials Intensive
With Acting Coach Kimberly Crandall
Sherman Oaks, CA, May 14, 2013. Here is the info announcing our MAY 25 SUPER COMMERCIAL INTENSIVE CLASS with Acting Coach Kimberly Crandall at the Actorsite!


Where do the “HOT” commercial kids learn those skills to BOOK so many commercials?

Currently, Actorsiters have 31 National Commercials, and tons of other commercials running.

So the answer is: THE ACTORSITE.

What is the “magic” of Actorsite training?

One of our “secret” weapons is Acting Coach Kimberly Crandall.

When she teaches commercial skills, the magic happens.

We’ve scheduled a special COMMERCIAL INTENSIVE CLASS on MAY 25 for young actors to work on COMMERCIAL BOOKING SKILLS.

It goes from 10 am to 4 pm (Includes Pizza and Snacks) and here’s what it will cover.

1. The “Magic” slate. Young actors learn to make their slate a “magical moment” that almost guarantees a  callback and avail.

2. You’ve got the look they need, NOW BOOK IT! Even if you are exactly right for a commercial, you still need to show personality and directability (The ability to be directed).

3. Using IMPROVISATION to make your characters come alive! Kimberly is a master at teaching young actors to COME ALIVE on camera, even when everyone else in your audition is just standing

4. 5 Commercials, 5 Different Challenges, 5 ways to book those National Commercials.

5. Practice Auditioning, practice callbacks, practice booking, and, see the playback of your audition, and the person who booked it!

5. The “BUTTON” to make them demand an encore! When your audition ROCKS, end it with ENERGY and POWER!

Class size is limited!

This will fill fast!

Ages: PRE-TEENS and TEENS! 10 am to 4 pm on MAY 25, 2013!