FILM/TV Casting Director

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TV Casting Director Amy Reece w/Perry-Reece Casting
This workshop is a “Mock Audition” Format Class.
Amy Reece is the co owner of Perry/Reece Casting. Amy has a background in acting, so she knows what it takes to make your auditions work! Her office is known for casting Movie of the Week’s and they are always casting several of them! A few she has cast are ELEVATOR GIRL, FAREWELL MR. KRINGLE, and BACKYARD WEDDING.

She’s busy casting a EPISODIC TV SHOW for the HALLMARK Channel based on a best selling book series with tons of kids and teens roles in them, so we are excited to hear about this from her and how her casting process works.

This is an awesome chance for our young actors to spend quality time with a very active casting director!

Perry / Reece Casting most recently cast over 30 movies-of-the-week and a miniseries. Since Amy Reece started their careers as actresses, actors who come to workshops will learn from an actress who has been in their shoes. This is a must see office…they are ALWAYS casting!!!