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The Actorsite and Our Awesome Acting Classes.

  • ·      The Actor As CEO
  • ·      Building a Solid Foundation
  • ·      Crash Training
  • ·      Casting Director Workshops
  • ·      Our ONLY GOAL is YOUR SUCCESS!

At the Actorsite, we promote “the Actor as CEO” of their career. This has worked well for our  clients over the last 20+ years.

The actor practices skills  and builds a career as well as hiring an agent as a sales person and many times a manager for further industry connections.

It works.

We’ve enjoyed watching over 100 artists become series regulars or movie stars while training at the Actorsite. Plus hundreds more build solid careers using the skills we teach.

With the philosophy of “Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out”, we continually  hone  the Actorsite training program so that we provide always provide a firm foundation to build an acting career.

Actorsiters quickly learn to be smart about their career. As a CEO they must adapt quickly.


We provide the tools so you can work on skills.

Welcome to Actorsite’s Awesome Acting Club.