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Sean Ryan Fox visits Actorsite. Readers,

Actorsiter Sean Ryan Fox dropped by last night. His new show for

Sean Ryan Fox
Sean Ryan Fox

Nickelodeon starts shooting in JULY, so he’s got a little
free time. He enjoyed the Voiceover class with Amber,
and we had a great time talking and laughing.

His new show is called HENRY DANGER, and it’s produced by
Dan Schneider of VICTORIOUS, ICARLY, and SAM AND CAT fame!

Booking this was timed just right, because his voice
was changing and he aged out of “JAKE AND THE NEVERLAND

Nice visit.

Sean said he’s mad because we don’t have him up on the “WALL OF
FAME” at Actorsite,  so I’ll fix it right away. YOU ROCK, BUDDY!

A tip from Sean’s Mom below….

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It’s time to give them a great viewing platform which includes
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They are offering a super discount to my newsletter readers.

I made suggestions to tweak the system, and it seems very
intuitive and easy to use. See what you think.

Now, here’s some advice from Sean’s Mom:

Parent’s, control yourself!

Sean’s mom told me about an episode on a project he
was shooting where one of the parents pitched a fit
because the internet wasn’t working great during the
school session that day. It wasn’t the teacher’s fault,
but the parent wanted to vent to the teacher.

Needless to say, when a parent can’t control themselves on
set, it will kill the child’s career.

The child was replaced by one with a more reasonable parent.

My advice: If you come across a situation you cannot control,
and everyone is working hard to fix the situation, then chill
out and let life happen around you. Don’t insert yourself negatively into
a situation that is already having issues.

And especially,  don’t pitch a fit. It only looks bad for you and for your


Remember, you are the CEO of your child’s career, and that
means you must be responsible and respectful.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull



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