Passion Monologues

Passion monologues should be 110 words maximum and clock in at 60 seconds.

Here are some examples:

My Passion? My passion is Snowboarding,
Snowboarding is all about daring. Dare to bomb that run. Dare to
carve out that turn, dare to take that jump.
When I’m on that mountain, I’m on a natural high, with each
challenge, each run, each jump, each backside buttslide, and each thrill,
I can escape reality and just be—just be pumped! I can
picture what I want to do, and my body just does it. I carve the
mountain  It’s effortless, it’s intuitive, it’s amazing. So when others are
beige— just dreaming about the mountain, I’ll be out shredding the gnar.

My Passion?  my passion is CHESS.
When I look at the chess board, I see the energy and
dynamics of the different chess pieces. Seeing how their power
is magnified as they work together. And, as I think four
moves ahead, it teaches me tactics and strategy. And the
best part is when I annihilate my opponent. YEAH! But
most of all, when I play chess, I know I have to make a
move whether I want to at all. So it keeps the action
going. That’s it! Chess is an action sport on an energy
field, with me in the middle of it. Winning, I hope!

My Passion? My passion is
CHEERLEADING. I’m an athlete by nature, but I’ve chosen
Cheerleading as my sport. I’m a flyer and I have to be in GREAT shape. After a good
practice,  I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I won’t be
sorry tomorrow. I know that I’ll fall sometimes when I take
chances. I know that cheerleading is a precise sport, where we all move
as one, creating that moment of excitement and joy as
we entertain the crowd, never flinching, never complaining,
and knowing that we’ve done our best, covered in sweat
and every muscle aching. There’s no better feeling.

My Passion? My passion is
ACTING. I REALLY love that I can become someone else.
That I can explore other lives and experiences in my mind as I
become another person as an actor. And it’s exciting to do
the “magic trick” when I’m performing–making it real and
powerful for my audience, whether one person or hundreds.
Sometimes people  say “you can’t” or ” you won’t” or “you’ll fail”.
They are the ones who are really afraid “you will succeed.”
They sit home and fail. I win just by trying.

My Passion? My passion is SOCCER.
I love getting out on the field and practicing drills,
like juggling the ball to get loose feet and do tricks.
I love to practice the other drills too, but my real
passion is PLAYING THE GAME. I love the competition, the
challenge against the other players, working with my
team, and the thrill of victory. Hard work pays off:
“you don’t have to be great to play, but you have to
play to be great.” I win just by playing.

My Passion? My passion is FIGURE SKATING.
We practice hours and hours to make sure we land on our feet,
but I remember landing on my butt more. I practice
every morning at 5 in the morning, but at the end of the day,
when my muscles are aching I think of the feeling
of effortlessness as I glide on the ice. Skating is not a
sport, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s my life. And I love it.
When I approach a jump, I’m terrified–but I jump anyway,
overcoming that terror and feeling fearless in the effort.
I am a figure skater, It’s what I do, it’s who I am.

My Passion? My passion is Ballet.
I love the stretches and warm ups, I love being flexible
and aware of my body. I love listening to music and
imagining moving to it. And most of all, I love actually
dancing, when the memory of the  blisters and aches and
pains all goes away, and I can soar like a bird.
I stop thinking  “Shoulders back, long neck, stomach in,
head- tilt, elbows up, arms our, legs straight” and I
become the music. It’s a magical feeling.

My Passion? My passion is SINGING.
When I’m singing, I feel free, I feel I am flying, I feel
that I can do anything. I especially like to practice my
singing and warm up my voice, then I love to sing my favorite
songs. I really like to songs like ____________________ or
____________________ and I close my eyes and I’m really
“in” the song, acting it out and loving it. And when I perform
for people, whether there is one person or hundreds, I get
lost in my world, never caring about anything but the music.
Singing is my life, my passion, my world.

My Passion? My passion is Guitar.
I practice until my fingers are sore, and then I practice
some more. As I practice, the music takes on a life of it’s own
and I feel like I’m in another world. I love that
you pick up your guitar, and in 5 minutes, you can create
a song that has never been heard before. I love that
the more songs you write on guitar, the better they get.
I love that your fingers take on a life of their own and
you can get lost in the poetry of the music. It’s an
incredible feeling.

My Passion? My passion is BASEBALL.
I have an old glove that I sleep with, and it smells funny.
I love to play catch with my friends and practice with the team.
—The games, I love the games. When I’m in the batter’s box, I’m in
another world, just facing the pitcher and challenging
them to pitch to me. When I swing, I put all my effort into
it. I just swing away. That’s why I love baseball. I get to
run, make plays and pitch, and most of all, I can swing that bat.
Maybe I  strike out but I can still help the team in other ways. But
when that bat connects….NICE!

My Passion? My passion is PIANO.
I get lost in the music, even when I’m just practicing.
In fact, when I first started, I hated the scales
that I had to practice, but now, since I can play just
about anything I want, I love to do the exercises and scales.
They give me freedom. Yes, I play classical, but my real love
is writing songs and singing with them. I would love to
perform one for you sometime. I love the piano, I love music,
I love performing. And I have a new song that I wrote just
yesterday. Life is good.

My Passion? My passion is Hip Hop dancing.
My foundation is the music. When I move to the music I get a
feeling and that feeling just lets me take myself out.
I like to take from each dance form and add it to my style.
It’s not about learning complicated moves and routines, it’s
a philosophy and a way of life. It’s about true mastership of
the feeling of the beats and the music.  I have conviction when
I dance. I don’t dance like it doesn’t mean anything. Dancing
is the body talking, and I let my dancing make my statement.
Dance is my vocabulary and I like to add new words. Yeah.