Audition Tip #13, Plus….

Audition Tip #13
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Dear Readers,Coaching for auditions is a special skill, because it’s not the same as coaching for

Coach Jack Turnbull

fundamental skill development. So whether you are an actor or parent of an actor, here is a tip in preparing for auditions with scripted material.

Before you analyze the emotional values of a scene….

Take the scene and work each line in the scene in reverse order, and practice each line 5 or more times. Each line is a special gift from the writers, so treat it as a special gift.

Make each line a memorable moment, since the writers don’t put it in the script unless it gives valuable information and helps the story along.

If there is a speech in the scene, which is three lines back to back, then give special notice to it. Work it extra so you have the rhythms of the language down.

For instance,

“I don’t know. She didn’t tell me. I can’t read her mind.”

Work it 10 or more times…vary your performance so you have choices.

Now, after practicing the language, you can analyze the emotional values and what is happening in the scene. You’ll be super prepared when you go for coaching, you’ll be SUPER READY! And at your audition, you’ll ROCK IT in the room and have FUN because you are prepared!

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