Tip #14 Preparing For Coaching and Taping Auditions

Dear Readers,
It’s cable pilot season for Disney and NICK and other cable IMG_5807
channels, there will be a ton of requests for TAPING.

There are 11 or so cable pilots currently searching right now.

Here’s some tips on how to prepare for coaching and taping.

To prepare your child for coaching, you need to make
sure that they repeat the material as many times as possible
so they are comfortable with the dialogue.

This means to have them repeat it MANY DIFFERENT WAYS.

Don’t “lock in” to one way to do the scene too early in the
preparations session.

Whatever you do, don’t have them learn a “right” way to say
the dialogue.

That’s counterproductive and is what they call “overcoaching” in
the business.

You know, it’s where the child performs in a sing song manner
and won’t take direction.

That means they have been mainly coached by a BAD COACH or a
well meaning parent who thinks that that unnatural sing song
sound is what is “cute”.

First, there is no “right” for a child, there are only
choices and a good coach helps them find those choices.

So if you help your child prepare for the coaching
session by having them repeat the words, be sure to make
sure that they HAVE FUN with the material including practicing
it in funny cartoon voices and changing their delivery each
time through.

If they use their weird character voices, they can find
a way to make the words their own.

They can also practice with different dynamics too, and
many times parents find that irritating. It’s the way they

How many times should they repeat? My recommendation is at least 50 times. Experienced actors will do it 100 times  or more, because they know that a series regular role ensures their success in Hollywood and pays up to $500,000 in a year.

That way, when the coach goes to work with them and uses
the “method” to analyze the audition material, they
aren’t hung up on just teaching the child the words.

That is NOT the best way for a coach to spend their time.

The coach can use “script analysis” to evaluate the material
and then spend their time discussing what is going on in the
scene with the child, so that they child can make strong
emotional choices to make the material come alive.


Let’s all be ready for a GREAT CABLE PILOT SEASON!

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