A producer’s “2 Cents”

A producer speaks;
Here is an interesting perspective from the mind of an active producer regarding working with talent. Remember, with kids, the parent is part of the package so even if your child is well-behaved, it’s up to you, the parent to complete the package!
I love the section:: “YOU ARE AT AN ON-THE-JOB INTERVIEW.”
Are you Stressed?
Here are some tips from my friend FORBES RILEY 
Here are 7 simple ways you can add meditation into your daily life to reduce stress:

1) Breathe deeply
2) Scan your body
3) Repeat a mantra
4) Walk and meditate
5) Engage in prayer
6) Read and reflect
7) Focus on gratitude
Do you need extra income?
So many actors and parents of actors would benefit from extra income. Even iphone pix and digicam pix.
And, there are so many stock picture opportunities around LA and there is tremendous demand for photos of different types.
We’re going to Las Vegas next week, so I’ll do a series on that trip, too….
So for those of you who are camera buffs, or iphone buffs…here’s a chance to make extra money licensing your photos online.
It’s a proven method to make extra money, and if you are ferrying around LA all day, there are a TON of picture opportunities, as you do your research on what sells. That stall in the farmer’s market, the flowers in the park, the sunset at Malibu, the street scenes in Santa Monica, or the Farmer’s Market all make great subjects for unique photos.
Here’s the link to learn more about it….CLICK HERE!


Coach Jack Turnbull