Abi-Ann Tours with Kelly Clarkson

Actorsiter Abi-Ann joins Kelly Clarkson’s PIECE BY PIECE TOUR!


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After graduating High School, this young Actorsiter is using her creative skills to build a huge career, as she releases her new EP on ITUNES called  “17”, plus she’s got great news!

A huge shout out to Actorsiter Abi-Ann, singer/songwriter who will be opening on the PIECE BY PIECE tour for Kelly Clarkson this summer.

She’s working hard to build her career step by step.


The Actorsite Awesome Acting Club SALUTES YOU, ABI-ANN….

Here’s a fun article about her:

From Jason Micheal Leigh


Abi Ann – is currently signed with recording artist and winner of the first season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson for the Piece by Piece tour this coming summer.

A Nashville Recording Artist herself, she is so ready for the bright lights of a major tour and will be a treat for audiences not yet familiar with her music.

She recently released her critically acclaimed debut EP “17” and her original hit song “Future Ex-Boyfriend” is now available on iTunes.

She currently is busy in the studio working on new material and rehearsing for the upcoming tour!

She may even share snippets of unreleased new material, or maybe, even share her next top charting song—so stay tuned!

Taylor Swift watch out, you got company! (for whom she admires and has the utmost respect for as an artist and as an exemplary person).

A BIG congrats goes out to Abi, who is so deserving of this honor and professional praise. It will be a platform for her–during this tour–to shine her light and share her amazing talent with audiences across the country.

Those that attend can’t help falling for this up-and-coming Super Star and, will be fans forever—Jason Micheal Leigh

Abi-Ann Website: http://abi.fm/

Abi-Ann Twitter: https://twitter.com/abiannmusic

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AbiAnnMusic97?fref=ts

Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0No7Zzxbdo 


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