Actorsiters Star in INSIDIOUS 3

THREE TOP MOVIES in Theaters star Actorsite Actors!

Dear Readers,

INSIDIOUS 3 is now open in theaters, and it stars ActorsiterStefanie Scott and Actorsiter Tate Berney  in supporting roles as the kids of the lead character, played by Durmot Mulroney.

I know I’ll be scared. Insidious has been great to Actorsiters with Actorsiter Tyler Griffin with a supporting role in Insidious 2.


Go see it and be inspired, because just a couple of years ago, these young actors were studying at the Actorsite and you can if you join our FAST TRACK PRO program. Or to send an email with questions click here .


If you are wondering how to get from where you are to starring in FEATURE FILMS, the Actorsite is the place to train.

Two more films are also starring young Actorsiters!

PITCH PERFECT 2 is stll roaring along, and it stars TWO

ACTORSITERS in leading roles, Actorsiter Brittany Snow and Actorsiter Hailee Steinfeld. GREAT!

Now POLTERGEIST, which stars Actorsiter Saxon Sharbino opens to big numbers too. 

It’s a family scare movie.

My daughter Venise, is still scared of the TV from the original so I know we’ll enjoy this one, too.

So when you go to the MOVIES, remember, parents, that it can be YOUR CHILD up there on the big screen with the proper training and career dedication!

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Coach Jack Turnbull