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Actorsite Actor: Jack Griffo,  Star Of “THE THUNDERMANS” on Nickelodeon.

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By Hamza Akram

Jack Griffo (age 18) is a TV Star, Singer and young Hollywood actor. He has done a tremendous amount of work in television industry and the Hollywood. Jack is currently doing a starring role in the Nickelodeon TV Series The Thundermans. He has also released two musical albums and has a bright future in the musical industry too.

Early Life:

Jack Griffo was born at 11 December 1996 in Orlando, Florida. Jack grew up with his siblings who were already in the entertainment industry.

Jack’s first television appearance was when he was just 2. Later on, he appeared in many TV commercials and TV Shows in guest roles. At present, he is playing a main role in a Nickelodeon TV Series.

He is further learning professional acting skills and wants to become a successful Hollywood celebrity.

Jack is also training in other aspects of film and television industry which will play a vital role in further success in his acting career.

Acting Career:


Jack’s acting career started when he was a toddler. His siblings were theatre-geeks who initialized him in a TV commercial. Since then, Jack has appeared in many TV advertisements and TV Shows along with a bunch of Hollywood hits.


Guest Appearances:

Jack has made many guest appearances in different Disney and Nickelodeon TV shows. Jack made guest appearances in various shows when he was 14.

  • In 2011, Jack appeared in the 7th episode of Kickin’ It, “All The Wrong Moves”, as Benny.



  • In 2013, Jack appeared in an episode of Marvin Marvin as Ellis.


  • In 2013, he appeared in an episode of Disney TV show Jessie as Brett.


  • In 2013, he appeared debuted in a Nickelodeon TV Show See Dad Run as Xander McGinley


Although Jack Griffo had been appearing in many Disney & Nickelodeon TV Shows in guest roles but it wasn’t till 2013 when he earned a lead role in a Nickelodeon TV Show. Since then, he has been doing some casts in different TV series and reality shows.

  • In 2013, Jack Griffo landed on a main role in the famous Nickelodeon TV series “The Thundermans” as Maximus Octavius “Max” Thunderman. He is presently working on the same role and has achieved the milestone of thousands of fans through this TV show.
  • In 2014, Jack Griffo was a participant of the American reality TV show “The Awesomeness TV”.
  • In 2014, Jack was a contestant in another reality TV show “Webheads”.
  • In 2014, Jack played his lead role “Max Thunderman” in the TV show Haunted Hathaways.


Jack Griffo started his Hollywood career in 2011 and since then has been cast in a bunch of other movies that have been very successful. It seems that this actor has a lot of potential and talent for the entertainment industry.

  • In 2011, Jack Griffo played the role of Young Peter in the Hollywood movie Sound of My Voice.
  • In 2012, Jack played the role of Johnny in the short film “What I Did Last Summer: First Kiss”.
  • In 2012, Jack debuted the Hollywood film “American Hero” as Big Brother.
  • In 2012, Jack Griffo appeared in another short film “East of Kensington” as Peter Pan.
  • In 2013, Jack appeared in a television film Jinxed as Brett O’ Leary.
  • Jack Griffo appeared in the 2015 television film “Splitting Adam” as Vance Hansum.
  • Jack is currently working in a new Hollywood movie “Those Left Behind” as Noah.

Musical Career:

Jack Griffo has very deep interests in the musical industry too. He has a very good vocal and recently he has released an album in which he has sung very good songs and is emerging as a new singer in the musical industry.

  • In 2011, he did a single known as “Hold Me” with Kelsey.
  • In 2013, Jack Griffo released his first album “Slingshot” from Jinxed.


Jack has been nominated for two children awards due to professional acting skills and devotion to his work. This young Hollywood actor, Disney and Nickelodeon star has been very promising for the television, musical and filmographic industry for the recent years and is emerging as a very adept young actor due to his sincerity and devotion towards his work.


  • In 2014, Jack was nominated for Kid’s Choice Award as Best TV Actor for his work in The Thundermans.


  • In 2015, Jack was nominated for Kid’s Choice Award as Best TV Actor for his work in The Thundermans.


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