Tiffany Espensen International Star

Tiffany Espenson, Currently Starring in Kirby Buckets.

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By Haamza Akram

Tiffany Espenson (age 16) is a Chinese-born American child star and young Hollywood actress. Debuting in the TV industry since the early age of 8, she is an experienced and talented actress with a very cute and pleasant personality. This proficient actress has played many roles in various child shows, TV series and Hollywood movies.

This budding young actress is currently playing a main role in the new Disney XD series Kirby Buckets as Belinda.


Early Life:

Tiffany was born on 10 February 1999 in Lianjiang, China. She was adopted by an American couple and moved to California with them. She is a Cantonese descendant and can speak fluent Mandarin.


Tiffany Espenson has a bright and professional career. She does a remarkable acting and her skills and talent are very promising. She has done many TV Series in channels like Disney, Disney XD and Nickelodeon. She is a young Hollywood actresses and she has debuted in various Hollywood movies. Here is a glance on her career.


Guest Appearances

Tiffany started her career in entertainment industry through guest appearances in different television series at the age of 8. She first appeared on a Disney TV series and has been working in this profession since.


  • In 2007, she made a guest appearance as a cute little girl Samantha in the Disney show “Hannah Montana”.


  • Later in 2008, she made debut in a TV series Criminal Minds. She got a supporting character of a little girl Sam. She also appeared in an episode of the detective series NCIS as another support character, Amanda Lee.



  • In 2011, she appeared in an episode of House as Sophie.





Tiffany is probably one of the most famous Disney and nickelodeon stars with a huge fan base. She has done a lot of remarkable work in the television industry and has earned a lot of fame.

  • Tiffany played the voice of Ginger Hirano, a second character in the Disney cartoon show Phineas And Ferb from 2007 to 2011.


  • Tiffany’s first main role in a TV Show was when she played the role Piper Peckinpaw in the original Nickelodeon TV show Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures. She played this role adeptly and is one of the reasons for the success in her acting career.


  • Tiffany is currently starring in the Disney XD TV series Kirby Buckets in which she plays a main role of Belinda.





Tiffany is one of the young Hollywood actresses with a very promising future. She has done many successful Hollywood movies that reflect her sincerity and professionalism towards her profession.

  • Her first Hollywood movie was Repo Men, an action and sci-fi movie released in 2010 in which she played the role of Little Alva.


  • In 2011, she played the voice of Alex O’Hare in Hop, a family and adventure animated movie.


  • She played the role of Wallaine Rapkin in the 2011 nickelodeon comedy movie Terry the Tomboy.



  • She played the role of Charlie in the Hollywood sci-fi movie Earth to Echo.


  • She had been casted for the role of Veronica in the Hollywood adventure movie Carving a Life.

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