Actorsiter Stuart Allen ROCKS as Son of Batman!

A huge shout out to Stuart Allan who has been starring in so many shows and movies as an unseen voice talent.

Screenshot 2015-08-18 at 10.36.38 PMCurrently, every SATURDAY, you can watch TRANFORMERS RID, plus he’s got so many movies and TV episods as DAMIEN WAYNE, Batman’s son, and you can hear him in BATMAN VS ROBIN, and BATMAN: BAD BLOOD, and SON OF BATMAN as the star, DAMIEN WAYNE.

Here’s a link to his IMDB! BUSY KID

He’s also got a SUPER big movie out called RISE OF THE GUARDIANS where he voices one of the main characters.

So he is FANTASTIC, CHARISMATIC and FUN, and he definitely enjoyed his lessons at the Actorsite, where we practice voice over techniques EVERY WEEK for our members.


Here’s one of his interviews at a FAN Convention: