Headshot Timing?

Is it time for new headshots? Headshots are one of the major expenses for young actors, so it’s great to know when to update!

IMG_5960For KIDS 10 and under, usually you need to shoot new shots about every three to 6 months. The main IMG_6373reason is that kids gain so much confidence and that confidence changes their look completely so they can book more using that newfound and nurtured confidence.

FOR TEENS, I would shoot every 6 months to a year for confidence reasons and because teens morph so much as they grow and mature.

FOR ADULTS, I would shoot whenever you change your look, or every 1 to 3 years.

IMG_6506You can never shoot enough headshots, until you find that “moneymaker” shot that defines you so well that when you are called in to audition, that casting is pleased!

At Jack and Jill Headshots, one of the reasons that we are so reasonable is that we want young actors to have current headshots at all times. Plus, we get free rent from Actorsite.com, so we pass the savings along to you.

Here is an example of a young actor radically changing his look and how we, at Jack and Jill Headshots, helped him update for a reasonable price. He shaved his head for TV ROLE, so an instant update was due!

IMG_4418 IMG_7253_pp IMG_7254_pp