To build for the future, focus on what you are doing in the present!

Breathe in the beauty of our world, and breathe in the opportunities in HOLLYWOOD…

A message from Coach Jack Turnbull of the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club…

Some NEW data from today’s research…

RIGHT NOW IN HOLLYWOOD there are “ONLY” 160 TV shows currently casting guest roles. Each one will Cast from 2 to 25 guest roles (Co-Star and Guest Star) Each episode.

This includes PRIME TIME NETWORKS like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and the CW, plus CABLE NETWORKS, like TBS, LIFETIME, HBO, SHOWTIME, etc., and ONLINE networks like HULU, AMAZON, and NETFLIX…all quality projects if you like superheroes, vampires and zombies mixed in with your dramas and sitcoms. Some of these projects cast their guest cast in Hollywood to shoot in other regions of the country.

RIGHT NOW there are “ONLY” 71 pilots currently casting series regulars. This will jump to 150 or so by the end of January.Coach Jack Turnbull

Each PILOT will cast from 6 to 12 series regulars and even more recurring, and this is a SUPER opportunity for young actors because they are very precise in their casting. Youth means opportunity!

Right now there are 27 television series casting new characters and recasting other characters. This is a super way to join an existing series. Agents and Managers LOVE it when you book one of these, it’s guaranteed work.

Right now there are 226 feature films currently casting in Hollywood. These are the funded features from top casting offices. BUSY! Each will have from 8 to 60 lead and supporting roles to cast. BUSY!

And RIGHT NOW they are casting 40 to 50 SAG-AFTRA Commercials and 100+ Non-union commercials that pay well EACH WEEK! It’s BUSY OUT THERE! And will continue to be straight through.

Those of you who have representation are lucky, because almost none of these projects are listed in the open areas of the internet. It’s important to be represented by quality representatives (agent and manager) to even know about these and then it’s VERY competitive to book. You need skills practiced at the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club…

Plus, as you know, there are literally hundreds of other projects in this BUSY HOLLYWOOD SCENE! It’s important to BE SHARP!

Help your agent and manager by ROCKING THE ROOM when you AUDITION!


As every young actor knows, one of the hardest skills is to be “in the moment” which means that you, as the character, are totally focused on what is happening “RIGHT NOW”.

We practice the HOTTEST current acting techniques from all over the world to place our young clients “in the moment” and to help establish the who, what, where, when and why of the action. Some of these include using the imagination, using sense memory, using repetition, and visualization.

All of them work wonderfully as each actor explores their creative life and puts each skill into practice and performance…to audition excellence.

That’s why we focus on Creative Audition skills 5 days per week at the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club. That way, young actors get to practice the “RIGHT NOW” skills daily and it’s not uncomfortable jumping into a strange character right before an audition. They practice it. They mastered it!If you are ready to UPGRADE YOUR TRAINING to the ACTORSITE AWESOME ACTING CLUB where over 100 series regulars have cut their teeth on HOLLYWOOD SKILLS, then come in and try a class, then enroll and ROCK YOUR CAREER!


Time to put DOWN the IPAD and MAKE PROGRESS!

Acting is a muscle, you have to work it out!

If you are sitting home and wishing you had more auditions, then RIGHT NOW is the time to GET OFF YOUR BUTT and get to the Actorsite Awesome Acting Club.

If you don’t feed your ACTING CAREER, then your ACTING CAREER won’t feed you…focus, focus, focus.

Come and try a FUN, CHALLENGING audition skills workout, and both young actors and parents can network and become motivated by being around POSITIVE, HAPPENING PEOPLE.

All the best,

Jack Turnbull