A Mom Talks About Actorsite!

Dear Readers,

A letter from Gio’s Mom about Actorsite!

We went to Actorsite because a good friend whose daughter has been taking classes for over a year there referred us.

Our first day, we were greeted by the owner, Jack, who was more than generous with his time. He gave us a basic overview of the school and the educational philosophy behind his more than twenty years as owner. Fairly straightforward—any kid who really wants to be an actor can come for daily classes to enhance their skill sets.

There are afternoon and day classes M-Th, as well as all day Saturday. These classes are based on audition technique, but also cover improvisation, voiceover, scene study, and cold read. There are about five teachers who all rotate days, so students get quite a variety of teaching styles, as well as methods.

All teachers are young working actors who share their own experience in the field. The teachers all have a good understanding of current trends, casting director preferences, and styles of acting that give Actorsite students an extra edge.

All teachers will private coach in their spare time, which is great because teachers already have a good understanding of the students. Further, the school is equipped with three soundproof studio professional taping rooms for videotaped auditions and/or voiceover auditions.

After a month of my son taking classes every day the school offered them, I saw drastic changes in my son’s confidence level. Not only was his confidence high, but his skill level had drastically changed as well. He went in for several cold-read auditions, as we were interviewing agencies at the time, and every agent was extremely impressed.

The ability to breakdown and deliver a character was not a skill he had previously mastered before coming to Actorsite.

I knew the school had made a huge difference in his life.

Beyond my son’s learning, I found myself also learning quite a bit by default. Many moms sit in the very large lobby outside the teaching rooms. I met many wonderful and supportive moms, and I’ve learned so much about the industry through “mom chats”.

There is free wi-fi (very fast connection), which is quite a perk for parents who don’t have time to chat and need to work.

Actorsite wouldn’t run without Jack Turnbull, a veteran in the industry and just an all-around great guy.

The teachers all respect and adore him, while the students just adore him and his family. Jack will use his industry connections to bring in top casting directors, agents, and managers, all as a complementary service to students.

In fact, my son attended a complementary workshop with a casting director at Actorsite, and the meeting literally changed the course of his career. With Jack’s industry connections, casting directors often contact him with open searches, during which times, the school will offer complementary videotaping (and reading) to all students. The tapes go directly to casting, at no cost to the students!

There are so many perks this school offers, as Jack truly wants every student to achieve their potential.

Beyond all the services Actorsite offers, their website is often filled with wonderful monologues, scenes, and rich information to pull from. The school also offers online classes twice a week to students who are traveling or live in other cities.

Frankly, it has become a home away from home for my son. With the competitive nature of the business, it is really refreshing to have an environment that is so welcoming, nurturing, and encouraging. I would highly recommend Actorsite to any parent.

Gio’s Mom